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BFD Calendar    35

The $config->sessionExpireSeconds in config.php is set to 86400 but still I have to log in as admin after about 10 minutes of inactivity. Any other hidden corners where I should look to set this right?

$config->sessionChallenge is set to true.

$config->sessionFingerprint is set to false.

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sforsman    269

I'm pretty sure your problem is in PHP's session.cookie_lifetime setting. You can check the value with

echo ini_get('session.cookie_lifetime');

There are many ways to change it - for an example you can just put this in your config.php

ini_set('session.cookie_lifetime', 86400);
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BFD Calendar    35

sforsman, thanks but that didn't solve the problem. Tried with different browsers from different locations on different computers... I have other sites with same provider and same config.php setup and no problem there. It remains a mystery to me.

echo ini_get('session.cookie_lifetime'); says 86400

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Slav    2

@BFD Calendar Have you tried to set the $config->sessionExpireSeconds to something small like 30 sec or smthn to test if that line works or is considered at all... because I have a similar problem. I want to do some tests with session expiration, but when I change $config->sessionExpireSeconds to something small like 30 sec... it doesnt work in my case... I dont even know how long the session time is in my case... tried to wait like an hour without any activity and was still logged in... So yeah would appreciate if someone shares some knowledge on this issue...

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