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How to update font-awesome icons used by ProcessWire


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I'm new to ProcessWire (liking it so far  :lol:) and I was wondering: how can I update the collection of font-awesome icons used by ProcessWire, in such a way that the updated icon set is fully integrated with ProcessWire?

I'm guessing there's more to it than simply overwriting the font-awesome folder... I want to update because I'd like to use a specific icon that is not included with the version of font-awesome icons that ProcessWire currently comes with.

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Welcome to ProcessWire efiguerola,

Don't update it but use your own copy. This way you do not rely on the core and if PW switches to another icon library your front-end will still work.

Uhm, my issue is not with the frontend side of things, but with the backend. The backend let's you choose from a selection of font-awesome icons for use as field icons, template icons, etc. I need to update that so the latest icons added to the font-awesome project are available to me for backend use. Said icons are stored in /wire/templates-admin/styles/font-awesome and I suspect they're somehow (code-wise) integrated to the core.

To make things more clear, I've attached a screenshot.


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