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Implementing repeater into html page


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<section class="krown-latest-portfolio clearfix alt col-4">
    <div class="portfolio-items clearfix">
        <?php foreach($page->PortfolioRepeater1 as $c)?>
        <?php { ?>
        <div class="portfolio-item alt advertising website-design">
            <a href="">
                <img src="
                    <?php echo "{$c->Portfolio1->url}"; ?>" width="218" height="164" alt="1000 Jobs" />
                    <div class="alt-hover">
                            <div class="caption">
                                    <?php echo "
                                    <p>{$c->PortfolioCaption1}</p>"; ?>
                                <span class="category">
                                    <?php echo "
                                    <p>{$c->PortfolioUrl1}</p>"; ?>
                                <div class="folio like">
                                    <span class="post-like">
                                        <i class="krown-icon-heart-1"></i>
            <?php } ?>
            <?php  ?>


All repeater fields displayed correctly on my portfolio.php page but the problem is when I " Add Item", second item did not appear as second item on portfolio.php instead it replaced the first item.

Currently the portfolio.php looks like http://pesisirbrand.com/portfolio/ , it suppose to look exactly like this : http://www.modernmarketingpartners.com/portfolio/

Can anybody help me fix the code above ? 

Thank you.

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I'd suggest using this to create the foreach. It's less error prone than using brackets. 

<?php foreach($a as $b) : ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>

The loop itself seems to ok, so maybe take a look at the output of this just before the foreach:

<?php echo $page->PortfolioRepeater1->count(); ?>

Also having <p> tags inside of <span> or <h3> is not allowed by html standards, so maybe correct this. 

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