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session: configurable module check failed when updating to 2.6.13


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i've encountered this error quite often when updating several projects last days... any ideas? updating to 2.6.1 went smoothly all the time.

any help how i can debug this? thanks

i could also share the installation as it is a test-environment

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today i moved my dev-project to my live server and i still have the same issue :( seems that i'm stuck with version 2.6.10 for now...

it seems that its not a server issue. can anybody help me where i can start my researches please?

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Just had this problem after moving my site from localhost to the live server (v3.0.68 from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.1).
@LostKobrakai, your solution (refreshing the modules twice) sorted the error message and all module version changes registered properly.

Thanks for the simple idea.

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I get this error after an update from a two weeks old 3.0.165 install to 3.0.172 for the LazyCron module:
Configurable module check failed for LazyCron. 

Many (!!) times of Modules > Refresh did not change anything. Same with deinstalling and installing again.

Any ideas what could be the reason or how to get rid of this error? Is there anything to worry about?

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