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Access Roles - Allow deletion and moving of child pages under certain pages


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To fine-tune user-access and administration rights, I created a new access role "author", which should give the role owner the right to only delete child pages under "Research", "News" and "Videos" (no other pages) and move child pages under "Research" and "Videos" only.

The other pages need to remain editable, but I want to avoid that the user accidentally deletes the main listing pages. 

Now I already assigned, the respective permissions page-delete, page-edit, page-move, page-sort,  

page-review to "author", which logically allows you to delete and move any page globally.

Is there a way to restrict "delete"- and "move"-permissions to the mentioned pages?

I found the access-control for each template. However, this only gives the options to "view pages", "edit pages", "create pages" and "add children."

The site has the following structure:


   - Page X

   - Page Y

   - Research

         - child page 1

         - child page 2

         - child page 3

   - Page Z

   - News 

         - child page 1

         - child page 2

         - child page 3

   - Videos

         - child page 1

         - child page 2

         - child page 3

Appreciate your advice.

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