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mysql 1146 table doesn't exist

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Hi there,

I'm having issues installing the latest PW version. Upon installing i get this weird error message «mysql 1146 table doesn't exist», although it does. I went through the forum and looked for answers elsewhere on the internet, couldn't find a solution. 

I tried to comment out a few things in the .htaccess, as often suggested, and went so far as to comment out everything, it still won't work. I can get to the frontend every now and again, i can even log into the backend sometimes. But most of the time i get a «Internal Server Error» message. 

I contacted the hoster but they think it's an issue with PW and not with they're hosting (of course ;-). 

Any suggestions as to how to fix it?


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Upon installing i get this weird error message «mysql 1146 table doesn't exist», although it does.

Which table doesn't exist? Is this the full error message, and if so, how do you know which table it's referring to? :)

Do you get any errors or other weirdness in your /site/assets/logs/errors.txt or /site/assets/logs/messages.txt, and if you enable the debug mode (via /site/config.php), what's the full error message you're getting?

Edit: reading your post properly, you mention that sometimes the site works. This makes it sound a lot like a database issue, and while I'd be tempted to say that it's most likely an issue with your host, we should probably dig into this a bit further.

Is the database on the same machine (localhost), or is it on a separate server (and host)? Have you ever experienced connectivity issues with this host before?

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Thanks teppo,

Here's the error message in the error log: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'web338a_pw2.fields' doesn't exist

The database isn't on a localhost, it's now hosted somewhere else apparently. The host said it's 'pxchap.oemsites.net'. I've been working with this host before, and it used to be "localhost", and PW worked well.

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Right. After looking around for a while, I still can't seem to find an obvious solution to this. Considering that you mentioned that sometimes things work as expected, only things I can think of right now are that a) the MySQL server is not functioning properly, b) connection between your site and the MySQL server is bad, or c) it's a performance/stability issue (i.e. the database server can't handle the load).

Since you mentioned that you've been working with this host before, did you mean that you've had (or still have) other sites there that run just fine.. or did this particular site run fine at some point and break after a change on the server? If that would be the case, I'd be almost certain that the host migrated databases elsewhere and something went wrong, but if this is a brand new database, that's somewhat less likely.

Either way, the issue itself still sounds like something related to your web host. I've never seen or heard this happening before, and while my experiences may be somewhat different from majority of users here (I prefer to manage all my servers myself, so don't have much experience with shared/managed hosts), I know for sure that ProcessWire has been running perfectly fine on so many hosts that this is very unlikely to be a ProcessWire issue per se.

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I also have the feeling that there's an issue with the host. But guess what: they say it's PW ;-)

Though they did mention that the problem could lie in the dbEngine. They suggested to use the Experimental DB Options as InnoDB and not Myisam. But that didn't work.

They say Myisam is old and therefore shouldn't be used anymore. But I'm just repeating words that i don't understand ;-)

I'm looking into switching host, and hopefully I won't have this issue anymore.

Thanks again for your time!

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Did you change the database settings to InnoDB while installing ProcessWire?

Yes, I did. Didn't work either.

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The host support just got back to me saying the following (in German…):

"Wir haben getestet und herausgefunden, dass trotz gewählten InnoDB Option, MyISAM Tabellen werden erstellt. Offenbar erwähnte "Experimentelle" Funktion in Processwire mit InnoDB nicht funktioniert. Aus diesem Grund hatten Sie auch mit "InnoDB" das Problem. Wir haben manuell in InnoDB konvertiert und es funktioniert."

--> Meaning, they think that the Experimental Options don't work. Could this be?

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