Extend comments fieldtype with custom field(s) and star rating

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I am looking for a developer who can extend the comments fieldtype for me.

I need two additional fields:

  1. add a field "title"
  2. add a star rating field (in backend and frontend) the rating field in the backend can be an input field and does not have to display as stars, but would be nice. The frontend needs to display the rating as stars.

There are two Star Rating modules already available, one is a rating for pages

the other is a fieldtype.

I need a solution that has the ability to be rendered as average ratings (so half stars are possible, you can find the code in the first module I mentioned, the second one just handles integers).

There are two types of output. One is for products and will show average ratings (see attached screenshot)

and the other one is for a comment and only shows full stars.

Pls provide me an offer/estimate.

After we agreed, I provide you with FTP and Backend access and you tell me which files changed.

Work needs to be done until 21. August 2015.

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No response after four days. So I have to do it myself. Right now I got two custom inputfields working (title and rating), but yet without the stars. Thats the next step. I will post the result in the forums.

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