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Hello, everyone.

I have new project for web hosting company. I already finish one similar project last week, of course I use processwire as a front end system. And backend is billing system that runs on whmcs.

Now this new project is also for web hosting company, but it is more like enterprise site, with many functions that will be extending site later, like www.redhat.com site or www.uk2.net

I have two solutions to complete this project, one is processwire and another is with drupal. Drupal is good for enterprise sites, but I don't like it because it is massive, and development process is pretty borring. I don't like all that pre settings on drupal, installing modules, and work with views... There is a lot mouse clicks in all that stuff.

The site I need to build will have following functionalities:

- Products displayed on front end (like hosting packages, vps packages, servers). As in processwire everything is a page, would be some problem to create larger number of products (pages)?

- User registration ( not needed now, but later maybe site will need integration)

- Blog system

- Chat integration (external chat app)

- Search filters for products

- Need good security also

- ...

So, what I need is some suggestion of someone who has similar project. Someone to tell me is processwire good for this project (here I think about development speed, I already know that PW is beast:) ), is it capable for enterprise site who will be constantly extending? And will have a lot of integration with other system via api, for example billing, cloud...

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I think PW will fit. Only "user registration" and related features sound a bit tougher for me but perhaps just because I haven't deal with that in PW yet.

But knowing Drupal your life will be MUCH easier with PW even if the user management part can be trickier (but again, not necessarily).

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Yes, I want to avoid Drupal because it is too "heavy", there i need to think about thousands of things, where 99% of those things I don't need. I need some cmf that I can control.

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Simply put, there is absolutely no reason to go with Drupal in the situation you described. ProcessWire can easily handle your requirements. As a bonus, you will have fun at it!

I'll also clear few misconceptions. ProcessWire can easily handle hundreds of thousands of pages, so you don't need to worry about that. What you need to worry about is the design of your templates, fields and relations. Making wrong selections there can severely impact the performance of the site. And even then, the community is happy to help if you face performance issues :)

User registration won't be a problem either since users in PW are basically just pages. You can even extend the built-in 'user'-template with more fields.

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