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Quickly toggle your checkboxes with extra action buttons via AJAX.
The module adds functionality to InputfieldCheckbox so you can toggle the checkbox fields in the extra action buttons intruduced in ProcessWire 2.6.5 via AJAX.
This module works only for ProcessWire versions later than 2.6.5.
How to Install
1. Copy the files to /site/modules/ProcessQuickToggle/ 
2. In your admin, go to Modules > Refresh for new modules. 
3. Click the "Install" button next to "Process Quick Toggle".
Go to any checkbox field you want to enable quick toggle feature for. Setup > Fields > my_checkbox_field. There in the Input tab you should see an Enable Quick Toggle field. After you check it you will see some fields that you can fill based on your needs.
Then save the field. Now there should be an extra button for every page that has this field in the Pages tree.
  • Supports template contexts.
  • Supports core FontAwesome icons.

Any kind of feedback is appreciated. 

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Made a little patch (0.1.1). Now it checks if the field is editable and if the page is locked before showing you the button.

I was about to submit the module into Modules directory, but then I encountered the ProcessWire version compatibility field. The highest option is 2.6 and this module supports only 2.6.5 and higher.

Can anybody confirm that I wont be able to publish it until 2.7 ?

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