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    • By gRegor
      I'm using "quiet" saving in the Webmention module and was wondering if that prevents the page's cache from being cleared. I'm just using the built-in page caching with the option "Clear cache for saved page only (default)"
      If it matters, the page-save I'm calling is specifying the Webmention Field, rather than just $page->save();
      For reference, the code is https://github.com/gRegorLove/ProcessWire-Webmention/blob/master/Webmention/Webmention.module#L840
    • By Can
      Hey folks,

      just got an "Unable to encode array data for cache.." error from WireCache.

      Had an ´ (acute accent) in a page title, after changing to ' (single quote)  everything worked again.

      I have to say, that the acute accent didn't looked good anyway, got this weird black thing^^

      The only thing I tried so far, was changing line 318 of WireCache.php to
      $data = json_encode($data, JSON_PRETTY_PRINT | JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE | JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES); couldn't recognize any difference..
      So am I better off changing those (don't know if there are more..) or what else can I do?
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