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Spezial photocommunity building


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I would like to build a Photo"community" system with Processwire for my wedding. I want it as simple as possible to collect the images of all the guests and distribute to.

The idea is:

  • All guests will receive a code with which they can log in. (like: D4gh7Stu)
  • After Logging in, the Guest would like to complete an Profiel. (so everyone can see who has made the image)
  • Then the guest can upload photos
  • and schow the photos from all the other guests
  • The guest can mark photos and download all the marked photos.

I think processwire can do all this for me, but I do not know enough about the system that I could easily do so.

About some ideas for implementing I would be very happy.

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i've done exact the same this year - but not with processwire...

i've used https://pyd.io/

works great even with really big original images...it's all there with different workspaces and usermanagment and after all collecting create a free directory for visitors (we've printed that on our thank you cards)

regards mr-fan

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