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Can't upload image, get 404 error


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Hello everyone,

I have a problem that I can't solve, when I upload an image I get a purple progress-bar with 100% but no image is uploaded.

When I look at the the console of my browser then I see this


And when I use network I see this


Now somewhere in the file InputfieldFile.min.js something goes wrong, but I have no idea how to overcome this.

I have detected inside this forum some solutions regarding upload problems, I have tried

adding '$config->uploadTmpDir = dirname(__FILE__) . '/assets/uploads/';' , did not work for me.

I also tried to place the oldSchool inside InputfieldFile.js, but since InputfieldFile.min.js is called up this won't work.

Please can anyone help me here?!!!

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Hello Adrian,

I can only tel this, when i click under [network] on the ?id=1033 i get a new window where i then click on the tab 'response'  and this shows me the html content of my 404 error page.

Well and Wanze, i am not sure what you want to say with the link.

The PHP version i am using is 5.3.27 and the always_populate_raw_post_data = ON.

I see that others set this to OFF or -1 and had no result, i am not able to change settings in PHP this has in the hands of my hosting service.

Now regarding this page i can say that under  /site/assets/files a map with 1033 exists and this has already 8 images files inside.
I set this up in my test environment and made a site-profile and installed this on the real website.

So people i hope you don't let me hang here and help me out? What must i do, where can i search?

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On 27.07.2015 at 12:45 PM, tinyant said:

I have the same problem and what awkward is that I can edit all the other images that I have uploaded when my website was on my localhost. Now it is on godaddy server and If i want to add a new child, it adds the child but I can't upload and image. The file is there, the image is also in the folder, but the page returns 404 Not Found Error for some reason. I tried  to set always_populate_raw_post_data  to -1 

But nothing really happened. It all stays the same. I would be glad if you can give me a hand on this.

Thank you in advance!



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