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RSS Enhanced with image tags


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Hi Guys,

I have recently joined bloglovin and have implemented the RSS enhanced module onto my blog, encolsures for images are working ok but I was wondering if I can implement these to be wrapped in an image tag to allow blog lovin to be able to carry imagery through.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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you should probably post this on the module topic itself (in the future, e.g. don't double post this).


you can either roll your own custom RSS feed, or you'll need to append an image tag to the description so that it is within the [[CDATA]]

you'd need to add this around line 149

$description .= $this->renderImage($page);

you'd need to add something like this to the module (untested)

     * add an image to the description
    protected function renderImage(Page $page) {

        $name = $this->itemEnclosureField;
        if(!$page->template->hasField($name)) return '';
        $fieldObject = $this->fields->get($name); // field object
        $field = $page->$name;
        $fieldType = $fieldObject->type;
        $maxFiles = $fieldObject->maxFiles;

        if(count($field) === 0) {
            return '';
        } else if ($maxFiles != 1) {
            $field = $field->first();

        if($field instanceof Pageimage) {

            $width = (int) $this->width;
            $height = (int) $this->height;

            if ($width && $height && $this->boundingbox) {
                $ratiox = $width / $field->width;
                $ratioy = $height / $field->height;

                $width = min($ratiox, $ratioy) * $field->width;
                $height = min($ratiox, $ratioy) * $field->height;

                $field = $field->size($width, $height);
            } else if($width || $height) {
                $field = $field->size($width, $height);

            return "<img src='{$field->httpUrl}' />";
        } else {
        	return '';

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