Hi, I'm toying with the idea of having a central place in PW's translation system for phrases and strings that are frequently used throughout several template files. The way I understand PWs translation system after reading the docs (http://processwire.com/api/multi-language-support/code-i18n/) is that everytime a __('translate-me') is used in a different .php file, the system will pull that 'translate-me' in a context of the .php file where it is used - so basically all translatable strings of _one_ file at a time are manageable via the (very cool) translation tool in PW's admin interface. So if for example I were to use __('Daytime phone number') in, lets say, the home.php as well as in the login.php and maybe a profile.php, I'd need to translate this three times, right? - A solution given in the docs is using the gettext context, and have this pointing to the first template file where the string was used first, so I only need to translate that template's strings and the other two will "see" their translation threre. So in my fabricated example:  //home.php: __('Daytime phone number'); //login.php: __('Daytime phone number','/site/templates/home.php'); //profile.php: __('Daytime phone number','/site/templates/home.php'); So I only need to look for the translations of /site/templates/home.php in the translation tool and the other occurances of that string will be taken care for. This now brings me to the idea of creating a php file in, say,  "/site/language/strings.php". So what I can now do (but what feels kind of hacky to me…?), I use all the frequently used strings of my several template files in this "strings.php" file, wrapped in their language functions like __('translate me'). in _init.php or maybe in config.php I store this file's path for the context: $i18lctx = '/site/templates/language/strings.php'; And now I can use the transalatable strings in several template/php files like this // in home.php, in archive.php etc __('Hello pilgrim',$i18lctx); In PWs admin interface I'll have all the strings in one place: the strings.php (?textdomain=site--templates--language--strings-php). Is this the right way to go about it or am I overlooking a basic fact (maybe like, dude, this is what the language packs are for)? Cheers, Tom