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Need some guidance with item organize


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Hey people. as I have started building my second PW project, I have come to a little problem with items.

So this is the planned sitemap:



 - -category 1

 - -category 2

 - -category 3

 - -category 4


 - -Branch 1

 - -Branch 2

 - -Branch 3

 - -Branch 4

The idea is the categories have the items in their representable categories. These same items should be also visible on the Branch pages, but not in the same order. As I am mostly familiar with ExpressionEngine, I would put the items in the right categories, but as a attribute add which Branch they should be a part in.

I've been getting some ideas from this:


But I find quite complicated and not sure what to really do.

Also at a sidenote, The items should probably be the same kinda Child items as the Skyscraper Demo (Architects), but I can only manage to make new subpages...

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The most flexible solution would be three branches: Categories, Branches & Products. Each would hold the single items of their content type and you'd link projects to branches / categories via page fields.

This is a great idea! So then I could use this:

$items = $pages->find("limit=10, attribute=attribute1");
foreach ($items as $item) {
echo $item->title;
echo $item->body;


Now I just need to understand page fields. Could one possibility be to download a multiselect dropdown plugin and use that instead? I know it's not nearly the best solution but still...

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I'm still having issues. To clarify what I'm trying to achieve:


This is avaible for the item, group 1 and group 2. I'm trying to output all items with eg. selected "Grupp1" as a foreach loop.

This code doesn't seem to work for that.

$items = $pages->find("limit=10, Selector=Grupp1");
foreach ($items as $item) {
echo $item->title;
echo $item->body;


Also the way LostKobrakai suggested I should make the build, I think my own way is better as I'm trying to have a page for each item separately.

So we would have a group and under it as children items.

So I'm trying to get a piece of code that gets the items with the selected Selector. Something's just not going as supposed... Any ideas?

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