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Form Builder Embed height


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Hi Guys!

I bought the form builder module and it's great! Much, Much easier than coding all those forms myself :)

But now! I embedded it and even though the form only has about 5 entry lines, the form height is

made 944px, while I think it only needs about 500px. Does anyone know where I can change this?

I can't find it anywhere, it's not in the css for of the form. 

This happens when I embed via a line in the text editor and when I do a template embed all the same.

Thanks in advance!

Bram Wolf


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From what I see, I can only guess that you haven't used "Option A: Easy Embed" (for the moment, the only option I used for one website).

There is a dedicated forum If you've just bought the Form Builder :). You just need to sign in to see it.

Try to just add a height or max-height property to the form class. You can add it to your website css file.

Try with 100%, auto or some pixels. Add !important to override some inline styles if necessary.

NB: we don't know your css "level".

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Hi Christophe,

Thanks for your reply! I pretty much got css covered ;) So naturally I already tried adjusting the height that way, but it has no effect.

And the weird behavior is the same on all embedding options. So when using easy embed option A it makes my form 944px high

as well :\ Could you maybe think of something else that might cause this?

Thanks :)


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