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API how to delete files with hook "after page save"?


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Hello @ all,

I am using a hook method to empty some database tables after the save action under certain conditions. It works just fine for "standard fields" with text, but i run into problems by deleting files (images or other files such as pdf).

Here is the code that I use:

       //clean all up if event is cancelled
        if(($page->template == "events") AND ($page->cancelled == "1")){
            $this->message("Folgende Felder wurden geleert: Einleitungssatz, Hauptteil,...);
            $page->body = "";
            $page->introtext = "";
            foreach($page->downloadrepeater as $p){                
                $p->downloadfield = "";
                $p->downloadfieldtitle = "";
                $p->downloadfiledesc = "";

The fields body and introtext will be deleted as expected.

The file fields are in a repeater field (downloadrepeater). Therefore I use the foreach loop.

The repeaterfield consists of 3 fields:

- the file upload field (=downloadfield)

- the title field for the file (=downloadfieldtitle) and

- the description field (=downloadfiledesc)

The values of the title and the description field will be deleted too - so this works.

The problem is to delete the file of the file upload field. I know that $p->downloadfield = "" is not the right approach but I have tried it also with delete().

Unfortunately I was not able to figure out the right syntax to delete the file too.

Can someone help to get the right api call?

Best regards

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