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Welcome franciccio, 

Quick and dirty:

A template is a wrapper for fields. When you create a Page you must assign a template to it. So a template is a page 'factory' that makes all fields available to the page. When you want to show the page in the browser the template needs a template file. 

So the template file is optional but needed when you want to produce output. And yes you're right, when you need the page to be visible you need to create a template file in the /site/templates/ folder and name it the same as the template plus the php extension.

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Thanks! But then I have to write my own hand the "Template Files" and upload it via ftp to / site / templates?

See I do not understand anything about programming languages and markup for the web browser!
I should learn to write a "File Template" to do readable templates created by me or any of processWire Template is already automatically readable by the web browser?
Sorry if it seems is not understanding anything, but I started a few days!
you can create and / or load the "File Template" platform ProcessWire instead of from the outside via ftp?

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yes, you have to craft your template files and you do need access to the FTP.

You can use exisiting HTML/CSS templates and then integrate the calls to the Processwire API within those.

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Have a read of this:


Then use php to output some of those statements like this.

just try creating a file named mypage.php with the following content:

<? php

echo "<h1>The title of the page is....</h1>;

echo $page->title ;


You'll then need to apply in processwire that template to a page you make.

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