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2.6+ bug? Selector can't find from PageSelect by title in 2+ level tree

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home (1)

- color (1001)

- - cat kitty (1011)

- - cat dogs (1012)
- - cat pidgin (1013)
- property (1002)
- other page (1003)
- - cat worms (1031)
- note (1004) field.place_in_dir (PageSelect[PageListMultiple]) = 1011, 1012, 1031
selector (field.title=color|property|other), all good match!
selector (field.title%=cat), 0 =(
selector (field.title=cat dogs), 0 =(
selector (field.title=cat kitty), 0 =(
selector (field.title=cat worms), 0 =(
selector (field.id=1011),
selector (field.id=1012), All found!
repeated with filed.name, also found all.
I am looking for notes that are linked to categories
Because of the error, it is necessary to find the notes separately, since I can not search for them by title

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