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This module was already introduced in another thread yesterday, but since each module should have a thread of its own, here we go.

Login Scheduler adds a couple of new fields to user template(s) and provides support for disabling login for non-superuser accounts either instantly (with a checkbox, "Login disabled") or by specifying a time range ("Login allowed starting from", "Login allowed until"). If a user is already logged in when login access is disabled, logout should be triggered during next session validity check (usually next page load).

Starting from version 1.1.0, superuser accounts are not affected by this module at all. This is a safety mechanism and prevents you from locking yourself out of the whole system.

You can grab this module from GitHub: https://github.com/teppokoivula/LoginScheduler.


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Hi @teppo,

I am testing your module with PW 3.0.118, and found problems with compatibility. I presume some changes made in 3.0.73 (?) reagarding to Fieldsets may have bricked it. Is there any way to update the module to support latest development versions of the PW?

Thanks in advance!

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@thlinna, could you specify what kind of issues you were experiencing?

I've just installed this on a PW 3.0.118 site, and so far no luck: the module installs as expected, fields show up in user editor, and a user with login_disabled checked cannot log in or use the admin.

The module wasn't exactly verbose about what it was doing during install/uninstall, so I'll push a new version that lists fields and template(s) affected during both install and uninstall. Other than that this version doesn't really change anything, since I'm not seeing any issues here yet ?

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