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RSS Feed with images


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Hi Guys,

I have successfully implemented the RSS feed module, however I need to feed some images through can anyone help with this?

At the minute I have:


  // retrieve the RSS module
  $rss = $modules->get("MarkupRSS"); 

  // configure the feed. see the actual module file for more optional config options.
  $rss->title = "Latest updates";
  $rss->description = "The most recent pages updated on my site"; 

  // find the pages you want to appear in the feed. 
  // this can be any group of pages returned by $pages->find() or $page->children(), etc. 
  $items = $pages->find("limit=10, sort=-modified"); 

  foreach($items as $item) {
      $item->title = $item->title;


The image field is called blog_images and I know I need to include it within the foreach but im a bit stuck.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
$item->blog_image =  $item->blog_image;
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