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Perhaps a screenshot would help with annotations which page should display what and how they are related. Also the complete code of your template would help.

Also: perhaps start a new thread, because this is pretty specific and this thread is getting longer and longer ;).

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Hi Forum,

I'm having a hard time to get the original module (Apeisa's one) to work with 2.5.

I did setup a bunch of 12 landingpages (each with a little bit different content but sharing the same template). I added their domains to the module settings as well as to $config->httpHosts array. 10 of my 12 domains were working fine, but 2 didn't - they redirected to the root. I triple checked everything but didn't find out what was wrong.

Unfortunately during this debug process I must have added a domain twice to the module settings. This made PW throw a 404 on the admin and on the frontend side for all domains making the admin inaccessible.

I've temporarily made it back into the admin by renaming the module to multisite-old.module. But I can't figure out how to "reset" the module settings to its former or a fresh state (replacing multisite.module with a new file from Github doesn't work) nor how to get all of my 12 domains work.

Any help is appreciated.


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Depends on your server configuration. The domainname you can alter yourself by changing the DNS. The server part you should pickup with your hosting company. If you run an unmanaged server, it (again) depends on which OS you use. A quick search on Google should help you out.

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still struggling a bit on this, is there any docs?

This is my DNS, the host has informed me its pointing the to the same directory as horton-stephens.com when incoming on hortonsshortuns.com (as i dont have root access :(

www.hortonsshortuns.com & hortonsshortuns.com set in module settings and www.hortonsshortuns.com page name for the new site. But still getting the homepage of the other site, should apache be sending to /www.hortonsshortuns.com not / ??

* A * CNAME     www.horton-stephens....   @ MX 10   mx0.123-reg.co.uk.   @ MX 20   mx1.123-reg.co.uk. @ A   www A
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No, no. Apache has nothing to do with this module. The module only identifies the page name, does some path voodoo and that's it. No further server side configuration needed.

Your mistake is that you added several different domain names in the module's configuration. So basically it has to be configured like that:

- Homepage

-- sub page 1

-- sub page 2


-- sub site (with page name "hortonsshortuns.com")

--- sub site sub page 1

--- sub site sub page 2

--- sub site sub page 3


And in your module's config you only define "hortonsshortuns.com" as another domain. The www stuff should be configured with htaccess, but never ever put several domain variations in the module's config. This has to go wrong.

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Still struggling. changed the the config to hortonsshortuns.com only and changed the title and path of the subpage to hortonsshortuns.com could there be anything else wrong with my settings above as im still only getting the home of the main site? Thanks for you help

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Sorry, just trying to get an idea of what's going on here.

So far it sounds like your domains are configured correctly, or at least they work (mostly) as expected. The fact that hortonsshortuns.com is identical in content to www.hortonsshortuns.com and both versions work is a problem (for this module and from SEO point of view) but as long as you use the version that you've configured this module to use, it's not really the issue right now.

Anyway, this makes me think that there could be something wrong with the Multisite module config or the page it's trying to point the user to. If you're using Soma's variation of Multisite, I don't really know anything about that (never used it), but:

It might be helpful if you could post here literally how you've configured the module (every config setting and value exactly as they are on your site, either as text or screenshots)? Also, just to rule out any inconsistencies, please double-check (or triple-check, or whatever) that the related page branch is correctly named (name field, not title) and placed in the page tree below the root page, something like this:

- Home
    - whatever
    - whatever
    - hortonsshortuns.com
    - whatever
    - whatever
    - ... and so on

Looks like this has been way more difficult than it should've been, but hopefully we'll get this sorted :)

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Looks ok but have no idea. Everybody seems to have problems with it except me. :)

I only used multisite on where all pages are multisites, there's no default home. But I think it doesn't matter.

What happens if you enter the direct url to the domain folder


What happens if you output 

echo "subdomain: " . $modules->Multisite->subdomain;

in your template?

Maybe you can debug the module and try to locate where it's failing?

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yeah so http://hortonsshortuns.com should redirect to http://horton-stephens.com/hortonshortuns.com but cloaked.

So I want the two sites to run off the same CMS. That not what the modules for??

The http://hortonsshortuns.com currently leads to the home of horton-stephens.com/ when it should be horton-stephens.com/hortonshortuns.com

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