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Role-based permissions vs unpublished pages


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Client's site (still working with PW 2.4.0 there, by the way) needs permissions based on roles, not users, as discussed previously in this thread. Back then, I decided to use PageEditPerRole because it seemed the more polished alternative of two proof-of-concepts.  ;)

Of course, clients always find a way to expose weaknesses in the system that developers would never ever have thought of. In this case, it seems as if it is not possible to assign edit access to roles for a page and its child pages if said page is unpublished. I already tested it, if users are assigned another role which has edit access for said pages and is not limited by PageEditPerRole, it works.

And of course, the client would like to use just that, i.e. limit access to a group of unpublished pages based on a role. :-[

I'm not a coder and I have been out of the loop on ProcessWire for a while, but my assessment would be that

a) this is not an issue of the core, but of the module

b) apparently, the module does not “see” unpublished pages (I hope it's clear what I mean by that)

c) therefore, the module does not allow to limit access for role to (a) page(s) that is/are unpublished

First of all, it would be great if someone could take a look at the module and tell me if I'm assuming correctly.  :) (As I said, not a coder.)

Second, can anyone think of another way to achieve this for unpublished pages?

I have yet to search the forums, but I have searched the modules directory and there does not seem to be another module. I read about changes to permissions in ProcessWire 2.6, but I'm not comfortable with using a dev version here (very, very inexperienced CMS users as editors, plus it's a non-profit with a very limited budget for support).

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