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Challenge - How long would a ProcessWire Checklist be?


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I've just found the Killer Wordpress Checklist...


Beside it is funny to read points like these (with some comments compared to PW):

development and launching checklist have some very general hints so the are in fact important but some special WP ones i'm getting some bad feelings...;)

  • Change DB Table names (kidding?)
  • Delete Sample Config File (what?)
  • Remove Default Content (this i've done with the installation?)
  • Make a Plugin List - few recommended Plugins <about 20 items list>
    (Hmm lets see i think i need my favorite 5 Helper modules to get started and watching for special needs)
  • Implement Security (Is this weird my whole cms should be secure i need not to "implement" this..hmm)

And at the end the two funniest points are for sure security and maintaince...some hand picked

  • prevent directory access (PW default)
  • use iThemes Security (Ahh right i've to implement security somehow...no need in PW)

The most points are very general on Webdesign or building a blog...but some funny things are listed and it such "lists" are maybe a Marketing Tool if some designer have spare time we could setup a sleeker checklist for a "best practice" PW website?

regards mr-fan

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There is quite a lot of WP bashing going on here in the forums. I can totally understand the reasons for that and agree with most of what is being said.

What I don't understand is why people feel the need to go into this over and over again. No offense intended here.

I think that in the long run people who responsibly build and maintain websites will eventually move away from WP to other platforms like PW.

I introduced PW to an agency that I'm freelancing for and since then they started to do most of their projects with PW.

Seeing the fast growing PW community also indicates that people are able to make choices based on their experience with other platforms and what they see can be achieved with PW.

From an energetic point of view it is preferable not to put your energy into something that you don't want or like. Any energy that we put into those things will most likely help to support them even if we don't intend to do so.

So I just leave WP be what it is and concentrate on all the wonderful things that I can do with PW :)

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You are completly right! Sorry for that post...it just was some irritation for me to read some points on this list...since they are not akzeptable and sounds weird.

It's a common kind of organisational blindness, every System like PW, too can fall into such structures.

It's a great luck that Ryan sensitive checks all benefits of a new feature and how it helps to make PW better.

But you are completly right bashing is not good - and i wouldn't appear arrogant.

Just was confused at the first deeper view of this list.

Sorry mr-fan

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Actually there are some useful tips on the checklist that are valid for many CMSes too (and also for WordPress :)).

Bashing WP is something people devs would normally do in a Pub - but wait, aren't we there? :)

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No need to feel sorry at all :)

I didn't take any offense from your post.

Guess, you took a look at that list for a reason.

If that reason is you having to setup a WP-site then I feel sorry for you. (Now I'm being the WP-basher ;) )


I really like your constructive approach to the topic :)

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Luckily I do not have to work with WP sites, as I'm also build very less sites, mostly private things. There is only one site that was built with WP, it's a private site for my son and me. We haven't made any updates to it since two years. And I want to port it to PW since I know PW, but haven't found the time until now.

My 10 years old son has made some photos that he wants to see on the homepage there and I need to remember where the admin / backend / login page was. I tried some URLs that all fail. Than I opened a FTP client and looked to the directory structure and found the name of the subfolder which contains the wp-admin folder. After typing this URL and failing again I got a bit dazzled and was talking / grumbling to myself. My son began to laugh and rolling over the floor and shouts: "You are not able to write wp-admin you have written pw-admin. Everything you can think of is PW!". And he is right: after finding PW, I just want to wipe out any past memory regarding WP. After porting this site I can fullfill this to 100%. Until then I have to live with mistakes like pw-admin. :)

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