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Getting fields in a fieldset


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Hi folks

I'm trying to fetch and iterate through fields in a specific fieldset in a page via the API but for some reason my brain cells are failing to work as a team tonight. Any suggestions?

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Well, the fields are not really inside the fieldset, so you can’t get them in an easy way. What you can is look for the fieldset_open and get all the fields after that and before fieldset_close. Have to go, so no code example, I’m sure you’ll get it from here :)

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That would do it diogo - I hadn't thought of the simple answer! :)

I had been looking for some magic function thinking there was some relationship stored between the fieldset and the fields inside it forgetting it's a purely visual thing.

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And here's some code for those that may need it:

$myfieldset_start = false;
foreach ($page->template->fields as $field) { // or something like $this->templates->get('templatename')->fields
    if ($field->name == 'myfield') { // opening element of a fieldset is just the field name you gave it
        $myfieldset_start = true;
    } elseif ($field->name == 'myfield_END') { // ending element is field name with _END on it - break out of the loop if we reach this
    } elseif ($myfieldset_start == 'true') { // otherwise we are iterating fields in the chosen fieldset so do what you like here
        echo $field . "<br>";
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 * getFieldsetOf
 * for ProcessWire
 * gets fields inside a fieldset of pages or templates
 * choose to retrieve values
 * @param  Template|Page         $context                   the page or template
 * @param  String                $fieldsetName              name of the fieldset
 * @param  bool|boolean          $collectValues             want to collect values of the pages fieldset?
 * @param  string                $fieldsetCloseIdentifier   default: '_END'
 * @return FieldsArray|WireData                             returns FieldsArray or if data wanted, WireData
function getFieldsetOf($context, String $fieldsetName, $collectValues = false, $fieldsetCloseIdentifier = '_END') {    

    if ($collectValues === true && $context instanceof Page) {
        $collectedItems = new WireData();
    } else if($context instanceof Template) {
        $collectValues = false;
        $collectedItems = new FieldsArray();
    } else {
        throw new WireException("getPageFieldset: first argument must be of type Page or Template", 1);

    if (!$context->fieldgroup->get($fieldsetName . $fieldsetCloseIdentifier)) return NULL;

    $collecting = false;
    foreach ($context->fieldgroup as $field) {
        if ($field->name == $fieldsetName) {
            $collecting = true;
        if ($field->name == $fieldsetName . $fieldsetCloseIdentifier) {
        if ($collecting) {
            if ($collectValues) {
                $collectedItems->set($field->name, $context->get($field->name));
            } else {
    return $collectedItems;

Some extension of the above code - works with templates and pages.
If thrown at pages you may choose to retrieve the values inside the fieldset as a WireData object.



@dragan (below) thanks for the hint! Just removed it.

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Just a quick note: remove the hints in the function, otherwise it won't work:

function getFieldsetOf($context, $fieldsetName, $collectValues = false, $fieldsetCloseIdentifier = '_END'); // this will work
function getFieldsetOf($context, String $fieldsetName, bool $collectValues = false, $fieldsetCloseIdentifier = '_END'); // this won't

at least not with the latest PW dev on PHP 7.0.9

example function call: 

$fieldSet_import = getFieldsetOf($templates->get('project'), 'import_only', false, $fieldsetCloseIdentifier = '_END');
Edited by dragan
realized what the error caused, right after posting...
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