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Dynamic template icon based on field value


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On a project I'm working on I have a select options field that you can select what type of content you're posting.

It has the following options:

2=Q and A
3=Visual snippet

The assigned template has an icon (file-text-o), which is great for articles but maybe not so for galleries.

Is it at all feasible/possible to change the assigned icon based on a field value within a page? Or even append a page title in the tree with an icon based on a field value?

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One way can be to not set an default icon to the template(s) but set it manually like here with other things: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/5609-display-a-template-icon-base-on-date-field/

I use this in a project where I need to show the workflow states and the current authors shortcut. There are used 3 different icons and 3 different colors.


    public function addHookAfter_ProcessPageListRender_getPageLabel($event) {

        $page = $event->arguments('page');

        if ('aki-faq' == $page->template) {
            $iconTpl = $iconTpl1 = '<i class="icon fa fa-fw fa-file-text [_STATUS_]"> </i>';
            $iconTpl2 = '<i class="icon fa fa-fw fa-check-circle-o [_STATUS_]"> </i>';
            $iconTpl3 = '<i class="icon fa fa-fw fa-newspaper-o [_STATUS_]"> </i>';
            if ($page->editStatus > 2) $iconTpl = $iconTpl2;
            if ($page->editStatus > 5) $iconTpl = $iconTpl3;
            $icon = str_replace('[_STATUS_]', 'editStatus' . $page->editStatus, $iconTpl);

            $kuerzel = str_pad($page->aki_bearbeiter->kuerzel, 3, ' ', STR_PAD_RIGHT);
            $bearbeiter = (0 == $page->aki_bearbeiter->id || false === $page->aki_bearbeiter) ? ' <span class="akiPageListItem kuerzel warning">---</span> ' : ' <span class="akiPageListItem kuerzel">' . $kuerzel . '</span> ';

            $event->return = $icon . $bearbeiter . $event->return;
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Thank you horst, this is exactly what I was looking for.

For those interested, this is my working module below, which adds in icons based on an select options field.

class DynamicIcons extends WireData implements Module {

public static function getModuleInfo() {
return array(

'title' => 'Dynamic icons for the page tree based on field values',
'version' => 1,
'summary' => 'Module to change the icon on the page tree depending on field values.',
'singular' => true,
'autoload' => true,

public function init() {
        $this->addHookAfter('ProcessPageListRender::getPageLabel', $this, 'addPageListLabelItems');

    public function addPageListLabelItems($event) {
        $page = $event->arguments('page');


// Check options field for correct value
if($page->content_type == '1') {

// Add fontawesomeicon
$styleItem = "<i class=\"fa fa-file-text-o\"></i>";

// Add to pagetree
$event->return = $styleItem . $event->return;

(This just shows one options but obviously you could add in additional icons for different field values)

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