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Drag and Drop in Page Tree


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when moving a page in the page tree via drag'n'drop, it was not possible (for me) to move it one level down beneath another page. This only works, when the destination page already has a child page.

Is there a trick to do drag and drop a page one level beneath another page, even if this page hasn't already got a child page?

I tried this in Firefox and Chrome.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Nurkka

I found this quite difficult initially too. Primarily because I was expecting PW to behave like another CMS I use.

If the parent pages doesn't have any restrictions set in the Access/Family tabs then I find it's much easier to go to Settings and the Parent options.

Some might argue that it's slightly more work but I've found it's also more accurate. Would that work for you?

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Hi Peter,

yes that would work, though it's not very easy for the clients.

I thought I missed a trick with dragging/dropping pages, but it looks like the pagetree simply lacks this feature.

What would be the best way to post this as a feature request - in github issues or here in the forums?

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  • 3 years later...
On 6/17/2015 at 4:39 PM, LostKobrakai said:

Make sure to "open" the new parent page before moving stuff there. It needs to be highlighted to receive a page as child no matter if there are already children or not.

Sorry to bump an old thread but 3 years since you posted this just saved my day! I wonder if there's a way this could be made more obvious in the dashboard UI?

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On 10/16/2018 at 4:27 PM, Guy Incognito said:

Sorry to bump an old thread but 3 years since you posted this just saved my day! I wonder if there's a way this could be made more obvious in the dashboard UI?

Agree. @tpr maybe an idea for AOS to add some hints to the tree when moving items around? I have no specific idea yet 🙂 

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9 minutes ago, LostKobrakai said:

UX wise the best would probably be opening the folder after some time hovering over it.

I've experimented with this 2yrs ago and it can be done. As I remember there were some minor issues that I haven't solved (mostly because of lack of time).



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