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[Solved] Unable to save data in custom field on user profiles


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Hi all!

My first post here, and I'm pretty new to the PW thing, even if I'm falling in love with it ^_^ .

Currently, I'm making a portal with PW and trying to add a few custom fields to the users' profile (image, socials, etc.).

The issue here is that I'm able to add custom fields to the user profile, but PW doesn't save the values into these fields. It does let me insert the text or upload the image, but doesn't stores them into the database. And no error is printed out.

By looking into the network traffic I did find that in some case it returns a JSON response:

{"error":false,"message":"AJAX Page not saved (no changes)"}

I've searched/googled about this particular issue but didn't find anything about it. I also have tried the solution described in this other topic (https://processwire.com/talk/topic/1002-cant-upload-imagefiles-problem/) to try in solving the image issue at least, without any good result.

I thought the problem was maybe connected to the file permissions on the local installation, but the same situation has verified on remote test installation.

I'm using latest stable PW version on WAMP:

  • Apache v2.4.9
  • PHP v5.5.12
  • MySQL v5.6.17

Any idea, friends? Thanks.

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Since a while I notice a problem close to yours. It happens just in case of superuser. Adding some custom fields to the user template results in inability to change the values via Admin->Access->Users as loggedin Superuser (id=41). It works with ProcessProfile. After changing values of a specific field one time in Profile it becomes possible via Admin->Access->Users too. Editing other profiles works all the time. Couldn't find the cause.

Edit: 5.07.15
Allowance to edit user fields of the current user is based on the cofiguration in Module settings of ProcessProfile. If you have unchecked a field, you can't edit this field. This is default for custom fields. Change the settings in the module to give edit permission for these fields.

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