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PageTable Field - hide children from editor (other than selecting another parent)


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Hi there,

I got a section on a site (9 pages) which uses a PageTable field to enter a datagrid for each page.

my first approach was to create a  template with a specific PageTable field for each of the 9 pages, so that I can select a hidden Parent page ...this worked, but got kinda messy.

Now I reverted back to only one template, one PageTable field and the children listed below each item. Looking at it now I think it will totally confuse the editor, since every other child page to edit for him is a "real" page, ...so I'm trying to find a way to hide these children or create them in a hidden folder, but render them according to the corresponding page where it was created from

does anyone know how to tackle this or has an alternative way to do it? (it's a multi language site, so I can't use the table field)

thanks a lot, cheers, j

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PageTables with a hidden parent page are the way to go. Otherwise the pages will get appended as children, where they are even more obstructive. The only other alternative would be repeaters, as long as it's only a single template. There are lots of topics here in the forum about managing building blocks, where you can find more in depth conversation about the topic.

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thanks LostKobrakai,

so having 9 different templates with 9 different PageTable fields wouldn't be something too weird, then ...just checking in to find the right approach :)

Repeaters aren't ideal in this case, because the pages will have quite a few data entries

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