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Functionality for Auto Save


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Well was writing an article on "Processwire and WordPress" and it seemed I hadn't committed them for a while, only for me to lose most of the content, it would be nice to have some feature that allows an Ajax call to be made periodically to save the content, better save what I don't need and later remove it manually. I just realized I hadn't saved and all those details gone. 

However seeing I can do this maybe this is something I can take upon myself and do. But regardless just wanted to put it out here.

Thanks and all the best, 

P.S: The Article would be shared soon   :)

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That something that shouldn't be done before drafting will find it's way into the core. In my opinion content should never be overwritten automatically.

Maybe a better way would be to have a store as a draft copy with the option of over-writing the main content. Oh well you do have a valid point overwriting a content is automatically feels weird though. 

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