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Creating Editor role to delete only specific pages

John W.

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I have a system set up in processwire whereas I have an Editor role that can edit content of pages. On my site I have pages like the Home Page, Contact Us, etc, whereas I want them to be able to edit the page content.

On the other hand, I have a page set up with children for a product gallery that I want them to be able to add, edit and delete categories and products within each category.

For example:

(edit only)

Home  [edit]

Contact Us [edit]

Product Categories 

..... Celing Fans [edit] [add] [delete]

............ ceiling fan #1    [edit] [add] [delete]

..... Lamps [edit] [add]  [delete]

............. lap #1  [edit][add][delete]

And so on. In my Editor role I enabled page-delete, however, I want page-delete not to show up on the home page, contact us, only in the product category and product pages.

Any help is appreciated.


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Hi @holmescreek and welcome to the forums.

What you need to do is define a separate role - perhaps called "deletor" and give it edit and delete permissions. Now remove the delete permission from the main editor role. Now for the pages that you want the delete option to appear on, give their template edit permission for the deletor role. Something like this:


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