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Is there a way to lock down (via role) the ability to update / publish a page live?

My client needs some people to be able to edit a page, but the page changes must be reviewed by another member of staff who have access to push the update live.

Is this possible?


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There's currently no drafting feature in ProcessWire. A page is therefore either live or not and there's always only a single version of a page to save to. 

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It is possible I guess...

If you hook to page::loaded, you can get the status and cache it to a variable.

Then before pages::save you could check the status and role, when the status has changed, you could re-assign the cached status.

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This only works as long as a page isn't live. As soon as it's published all changes to it will be published, too. A page does currently always have a single state in the database to which you save your changes. There's no second set of "draft" values.

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Ah i see :/

Taking the version control module @teppo created, which adds multiple versions of fields, it may not be too hard to tweak this to create a "Draft" stage.

Would you guys agree?? it may not be that simple, but in theory it would work?

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