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New to ProcessWire (came over from PyroCMS) and really liking it so far. The flexibility in page building is amazing!

Anyway, as part of the first site I am building I need an Upcoming Events list. After looking through the forums and docs, I ended up building a page with children pages where each child is a different upcoming event. Each child has title, description, start and end date fields. I have the page working and displaying everything now and am very happy! However, I have one last piece that I cannot figure out. How do I filter the events? Specifically, how do I only show upcoming events and not ones that have already ended?

I am displaying individual events with this:

$events = wire('pages')->get("/events/")->children("sort=event_start_date");

$singleevent = $events->first;

With a full list I can do a comparison in a for loop, but would prefer to just return the valid objects in the initial call.

Basically, is there a way to add a "where" ("where event_start_date > $today") type statement?

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Hi- this is a very basic version, i can provide more details later, but in short you first define today as a timestamp and then add your selector.

$today = date();
$events = wire('pages')->get("/events/")->children("event_start_date > $today, sort=event_start_date");
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Welcome SoccerGuy3!  I also was a PyroCMS user back when it first came to life (when it was a CI application and Mr. Sturgeon was still actively involved).  PyroCMS is a great system, and I liked it a lot... That is, until I started using ProcessWire!

Looking forward to seeing other questions you have.



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