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Multisite: Can't delete files or add file description on site #1 while everything's fine on site #2


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wow, this is weird: I am running two sites with one ProcessWire installation. Both are using VersionControl module. I moved both sites to another webserver right after installing VersionControl.

  • On site #1 ...
    • sometimes (!) file upload is not possible (the pink status bar gets stuck at 100 %)
    • already uploaded files (before moving to the new server) cannot be deleted
    • file descriptions cannot be changed
    • no error messages are given, not even in debug mode
  • While on site #2 ...
    • everything's fine: uploading, deleting, changing the description...

I read Douglas' post on a glitch in dev 2.5.19, but I'm using the regular 2.5(.0).

nghi's post on a similar problem describes pretty much what I'm experiencing here, but if there was something wrong in the suhosin.ini, site #2 would encounter the very same problem.

If I use VersionControl to set the file field back to an earlier version where the file was not uploaded yet, the file disappears and is deleted from /assets/file/[page-id]/. Same vice-versa when setting to a version before a file was deleted: It is recreated on the page and in the filesystem.

Permissions are -rw-rw-rw- for all files.

Any ideas?


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Copied everything to a separate webserver. Uploading files, deleting them and changing their description works fine here. :huh:

Anything you could suggest instead of deinstall and reinstall the VersionControl module?

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I didn't leave a message 1-2 days ago because I didn't know if I could really help. But never mind...

For confirmation/precision, are you using option #1 with multiple databases, or option #2 with the same database (use of the Multisite module)?

What are the (big) differences between the servers where both websites work and the server where only one website works ?

And if there are 2 differents databases, are there any (big) differences between them?

Edit: just in case, is there a significant difference relative to the ftp owner (apache, another "instance"...) or the mysql (database) owner...?

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