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How to change fieldtype "select" value from api

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I created fieldtype "select" for template (0:=Prepared, 1:=Done)

And need to make for list of pages with this template value for this fieldtype to "1" from.

There are to many pages to do it manualy. How to make it?

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Under Pages > Find in the backend you'll find a quite powerful search area. Just choose something like this "template=yourTemplateWithTheSelect, select=1". Also have a look at FieldtypeOptions. It's a more powerful core alternative to FieldtypeSelect with less overhead than having pages. 

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That's not what i'm talking about. I can't find out how to change value of custom field using API for selected page.

Something like so: $page->$fields->set('my_field','value');

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Both of those should work.

$page->select = 1;
$page->set("select", 1);

P.S. Remember to save everything in the end. 

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Thanks! it works. I did't save actions(((( it easy)

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