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I created a Field Type: Page and I want to get a Dropdown where all Pages I have in my PW are listed. With custom Selectors it is possible to call Pages e.g. by template. But in my dropdown I cant select this Page. When I am trying to save I will get an error, that this Page is no valid selection. IMHO it depends on the rule of Parent Page that is selected.

Are they any ways to get an Array of all Pages i have, without defining a parent page?

Greeting from Nuremberg!


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I had similar problem with error page is not valid. In my case, the caused was the selected parent. I delete the field and create a new one, then just select Template of selectable page or custom php, without select the parent part.

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I solved the problem also with deleting all fields I used for this case, and new clean setup. Maybe there were some changes during my first setup that broke my fields. But thanks to LostKobrakain for your help. With this expressions it is working fine. You only have to watch out to never define a parent page for your selection. I think this setting is not deletable and breaks your fields.

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Just an odd thing someone runs into every 6 years it looks like but today was my turn. Doing a makeover of our website and try to reuse a field. 

Went into the database table fields, and set the parent_id back to 0. I couldn't find how to reset this on the page itself. 

{"derefAsPage":0,"inputfield":"InputfieldPageListSelectMultiple","parent_id":0,"labelFieldName":"title","collapsed":0,"operator":"*=","searchFields":"title","description":"A maximum of up to 8 promo blocks can be selected a larger number will not be displayed","findPagesSelector":"parent=\/","usePageEdit":0}

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