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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, i am wondering about the possibility to define a fixed size for thumbnails displayed in a page table list. At the moment ist looks like image 1 - but i would like to get something like image 2! Is this possible? Thanks Cheers Simon
  2. Hi, I have a field called thumbnail_image. It is used in 14 of my templates. It started out as a normal image field reducing uploaded images into 150X150px images. After installing CropImage I altered the field type from normal Image into CropImage. Something went badly wrong. Already while saving the field change something went wrong after confirming I wanted the change. Unfortunately I did not save the error message at that point. Now I get error message in the following cases: 1: While trying to edit a page based on any of the templates that has the thumbnail_image (CropImage type) field. 2: If trying to delete the field thumbnail_image (CropImage type) from any of the 14 templates. Once confirming "Delete" I get the error screen. 3: If trying to edit the thumbnail_image field I get the error screen instead of the Edit Field screen. In all cases the error message comes on a plain white page as text only with the following text being the same for all three cases: Warning: Creating default object from empty value in C:\wamp\www\wire\modules\Fieldtype\FieldtypeFile.module on line 54 Catchable fatal error: Argument 3 passed to FieldtypeFile::setupHooks() must be an instance of Inputfield, instance of stdClass given, called in C:\wamp\www\wire\modules\Fieldtype\FieldtypeFile.module on line 56 and defined inC:\wamp\www\wire\modules\Fieldtype\FieldtypeFile.module on line 80 This error message was shown because site is in debug mode ($config->debug = true; in /site/config.php). Error has been logged. I cannot remove the CropImage module since the field is in use. I cannot delete the thumbnail_image field since it is used in templates. Hoping for some assistance so I can avoid re-creating all my 14 templates...! I do not mind loosing what is already in the thumbnail_image field.
  3. I have an image field as follows: Max files allowed = 1 Formatted value = Automatic Inputfield = cropimage If I follow the instructions here, this needs to be my echo call <?php echo $page->photo_for_course->getThumb('crop-for-course-detail'); ?> But this just outputs the fullpath as a string. The documentations states that "getThumb returns url to the thumbnail you have asked for". So I then thought I needed to tag an ->url on the end as follows <?php echo $page->photo_for_course->getThumb('crop-for-course-detail')->url; ?> It's not a first() issue as the file only allows for one image so Im a bit stuck. I've achieved this before but was using the $pages API and had a foreach loop. Surely I don't need to foreach here as I'm only using a single image? Thanks in advance. I feel like it's you guys that are building this site :-/
  4. If my client has added more than 1 image to an image field (called "blog_images"), how could I 1. Output a grid of images on my webpage as cropped thumbnails. 2. Make them clickable so they display a lightbox such as http://fancyapps.com/fancybox/ Thanks
  5. I've been putting together a simple lightbox gallery using prettyPhoto. I have this working but I only want one thumbnail to launch the gallery and at the moment I'm getting one thumbnail for each image. Apologies for my poor php skills, I know this is coming from the echo but don't know how to display <img> only for the first list item. Here's my code: <ul id="gallery1"> <?php foreach($page->images as $img) { $thumb = $page->thumbnail->size(220, 200); echo "<li><a href='{$img->url}' rel='prettyPhoto[gallery1]'><img src='{$thumb->url}' alt='{$thumb->description}' width='{$thumb->width}' height='{$thumb->height}' /></a></li>"; }?> </ul> And my original code: <ul id="gallery1"> <li><a href="assets/library/image01.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[gallery1]"><img src="assets/library/thumb1.jpg"/></a></li> <li><a href="assets/library/image02.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[gallery1]"></a></li> <li><a href="assets/library/image03.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[gallery1]"></a></li> </ul> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I'm attempting to make a photoblog type of site and was wondering if there's a clean way to get the image directory path when using the $image->size method. The purpose of this is so the user can upload their large images, display as a thumbnail and click to view a medium version no taller than 800px within a modal. As you can see, I've had to hardcode the site/assets/files directory. Is there another method? (*the getThumb function refers to another installed module) foreach($page->images as $image) { echo '<a href="site/assets/files/'.$page->id.'/'.$image->size('','800').'"><img src="'.$image->getThumb('thumbnail').'" alt="'.$image->description.'"/>'; }
  7. Hello, Today is my first day with processwire. I have already an index.php with its CSS created. The client needs a simple CMS which will let her upload pictures/videos in one section and music in another. So I just need to implement the CMS for those sections, no text or anything else. The web has a horizontal layout, so technically its only one page but with the width very wide. Each page is a div with a special link applied to it. I already installed proceswire, placed all the files inside template folder, activated template and with help of head.inc could link the css/jquery and images with a determined url succesfully. At this moment I'm trying to apply the option of uploading pictures from the CMS. This part I have no html/css created as I wanted to see how I had to do this depending of the CMS. I tried to install the thumbnail module with success but from there I have no idea what to do... The module is not visible and I dont know how to hook it to my html structure. I would really appreciate some help. P.D. After I will do the video and audio. For now I need to know how to apply exactly a module to my display, how it works. Lets use thumbnail as an example. P.D.D. I've already read some documentation in the web but I still dont get it.
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