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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Guys I have a question about the Add Page Shortcut Functionality. In General you can set the family settings on template so that you have to choose a new Parent when adding a new page of the defined template with the shortcut menu. In my case I can add new "Newsletter" Pages but I have to choose under which Parent it should be added. But as a "Clinic" - User I can only add the Newsletter Pages under the Parent Page which belongs to this User (was made with a Hook inside Page::addable / Page:editable). Because of that I only see one Parent Item in the Dropdown Shortcut Menu which is correct. Can this Selection be skipped when the shortcut menu only has one Parent to choose (Also in ProLister "Add New")?
  2. I was delighted to find when editing copy in a TinyMCE window that with the cursor in a block of text marked up with a Paragraph tag, pressing Cmd+2 (on a Mac) will on-the-fly change this to an H2 tag. Cmd+3 for H3, etc. Can anyone point me toward the easiest way to change and existing shortcut I don't use, such as Cmd+5 (H5) to blockquote? Or, if that's not possible, how to add a new keyboard shortcut. I've Googled and tried things but to no avail. Ideally I'm looking for a solution that just involves edits to the field settings in the admin but if the only way is by adding extra files under /site then no problem. Thanks in advance for any pointers. Cheers, -Alan
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