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Found 6 results

  1. Has anyone successfully installed Processwire on an Amazon EC2 instance/virtual server? Which configuration works; Amazon Linux or one of the other flavors? How do you get file permissions and the database working? Which lines in .htaccess cause problems on Amazon AWS? What are the pitfalls to watch out for? Why can't I get it working...? The first problem I run into is an error message that the installer doesn't have write access and that I should manually rename the 'site-myprofile' folder to 'site'. Attempt to chmod all the files and folders to 777 don't seem to have any effect on that and some files do get written fine. But I keep ending up with inaccessable pages and fatal server errors. I am not asking you to solve my problem. I am curious what other people's experiences are with this. Can it be done or am I wasting my time?
  2. I was wondering if anyone has used AMPPS before? Seems like a decent MAMP replacement for Ubuntu, but I'm wondering if anyone can give their take or experiences on it.
  3. I have been pulling my hair out for over a week now and frankly can not study anymore because I am exhausted and on the verge of throwing in the towel. I have switched to a Linux dev enviroment recently (Manjaro which is Arch based) and love everything about it. It's another story why I made the switch from Windows but I can tell you that I have never experienced trouble before because I was using Wamp and everything just seemed to work out the box. With setting up Apache myself on this particular Linux distro, things are a "whole lot different". So here goes: I got virtual hosts working with Apache 2.4.10 and everything is fine; PHP 5.6 works, my /etc/hosts files are pointing correctly and all that good stuff. I believe I have enabled all the required modules which Processwire needs (and then-some) : Mod_Rewrite being the most important. However, when I download my Production files (live server) onto my Development machine, it doesn't go as smooth as the WAMP days I have narrowed it down to something which must not be configured correctly for .htaccess to take affect. Again, this really is my first attempt (although been at it for over a week) to get a LAMP stack installed so it's probably something I am not understanding or doing right. Btw, MySQL (MariaDB) is working correctly and all the databases have been imported from my Production .sql file. Here is my virtual host file: Maybe something in here isn't correct. <VirtualHost *:80> DocumentRoot /srv/http/site2.dev ServerName dev.site2.com ErrorLog /var/log/httpd/site2_log <Directory /srv/http/site2.dev> Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews AllowOverride All Order allow,deny allow from all </Directory> </VirtualHost> The .htaccess directives are for Processwire 2.3. I have never had to touch them before, but I tried commenting / un-commenting almost everything which has been reccomend thus far and nothing has worked This 500 Internal Server Error will not leave me! Thanks so much for any help / tips you can provide. Thank You
  4. IMPORTANT - DO NOT USE THIS FOR A PRODUCTION SERVER This is not strictly a ProcessWire tutorial, except it really is very useful for developing ProcessWire websites. I have just rebuilt my little dev server and it was a right pain - basically, I made the mistake of following a couple of bits of really bad advice. I eventually nailed down the right thing to do in the right order from about three different sources and have decided to write it up. This tutorial will take you through installing a pristine, new version of Ubuntu on an old PC, setting it up to work on your local network (this is NOT a publicly facing server), installing Virtualmin, Samba window shares, and setting up your first virtual server. The main problem I found with the help that I followed, is that no one seemed to link all these install processes together - so a standard install of Ubuntu with Apache would completely mess up Virtualmin and make it all a nightmare. This is a PDF file without screenshots, but to be honest, I am not sure how screenshots of command line is particularly helpful to anyone! Feel free to use this and let me know if it actually worked. NOTE: I am not a sysadmin, so if you find strange errors, you are more likely to find the answer through Google than by asking me - this is just the result of me pulling my hair out for a day or so. I certainly cannot guarantee that this is perfect or even the best way. Installing Ubuntu and Webmin.pdf
  5. Hello All, I am Senthilkumar, Technical Author from www.unixmen.com website. Recently i installed and tested ProcessWire On CentOS 6.4. It's worked for me at present. I would like to share the how-to document in ProcessWire Forum. Hope it will useful for ProcessWire users. Here is the link: Install ProcessWire CMS Using LAMP Server On CentOS 6.4 Regards, SK.
  6. Hi all! I'm no stranger to developing locally on my computer, in fact, I prefer it! I currently have WampServer2.2 on my 64bit Win 7 Ultimate 4GB RAM. Lots of testing virtualhosts and some subdomains. For some reason, I can't get ProcessWire to work properly on subdomains (but what's not what this topic is about). From time to time, I experiment with Linux. Just over this past Christmas I was heavily into Arch and some of its variants. Previously Linux Mint, Ubuntu, etc. I have many application licenses on Windows that fully switching to Linux and finding alternatives will be impossible. But I do tinker in Linux from time to time throughout the year and I keep coming back to Windows simply because running Win in a VirtualBox on Linux is a little slow. I have run into numerous tutorials/walkthroughs/guides etc. that show how to build a decent lamp-stack for web development - and I have done that numerous times. howtoforge.com has many examples! But I wanted to ask the tech geeks here on one of my favorite forums Which do YOU PREFER? 1. Windows + WAMP/XAMPP (100% Windows dependency) 2. Windows + VirtualBox & LAMP? 3. Linux (or Mac) + VirtualBox & Win 4. a complete LAMP or MAMP stack (zero Windows reliance) Again, I've used all the above, and tinkered beyond my hearts content in both environments. I just wanted to start a little discussion to find out how others have their LAMPs set up.
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