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Found 9 results

  1. I have a nested page structure that fails for users without superuser permissions: Works for superusers / non-superusers: - foo -- bar --- page (status: published) ---- page (status: published) --- page (status: published) Fails for non-superusers (Works for superusers): - foo -- bar --- page (status: published) ---- page (status: published) --- page (status: unpublished <- apparently the template structure fails when there's one unpublished page) Template: <?php foreach ($page->children('include=all')
  2. Hi all, with $config->adminEmail it's possible to send out an email for fatal errors (for example a syntax-error). It would be nice to get also an email in case of an unhandled exception. There could be a situation of an wrong upload and exceptions on the live-page. Is this possible? Also it could be a very handy feature to be able to choose specific logs which are sent our via email automatically. Thanks for your feedback, Dennis
  3. Hello! I have a strange problem with the "delete" method of the "pages" API-variable: When I insert a parent- and a child-page, and then immediately try to delete first the child- and then the parent-page, an exception is thrown telling me that the parent cannot be deleted, because it still contains a child-page. You can reproduce this behaviour using the following code: <?php require 'index.php'; $parentPage = new ProcessWire\Page; $parentPage->name = 'parent'; $parentPage->template = 'basic-page'; $parentPage->title = 'parent'; $parentPage->parent = $pages->
  4. I am trying to install Processwire + an exported custom profile and keep getting this error: Does anyone recognize this? What could cause this? I have installed Processwire + exported profiles many times before, never had problems. I have reuploaded fresh downloads for this, both regular master and dev, but keep getting the same thing. I am probably doing something dumb. Probably not a structural PW issue. I am out of ideas, so any feedback appreciated. Edit: Finally got something to install using the standard blank profile, instead of an exported profile. I am now
  5. While coding some templates I need to throw some Wire404Exceptions, which, expectedly, sets correct headers and renders 404 page. Since all these exceptions are extending Exception class, I can call its constructor with a message like this <?php $demoName = sanitizer()->pageName(input()->urlSegment1); $demo = pages('template=demo, name=$sanitizedPagenameFrom'); if(!$demo->id) { throw new Wire404Exception("Demo named $demoName cannot be found, but check out its source page instead"); } // inside template 404.php // somehow get the error $message echo "<h1>Page does not
  6. Hi, I working on auser module and have recently got this error when trying to delete a user: Error: Exception: You do not have permission to execute this module - ProcessPageView this only happens when accessing the user->delete function as the below within my module. Anyone happen to know why that may be? // @string $user = name field public function deleteUser($user){ $u = $this->users->get($user); if($u->id) { $this->users->delete($u); } } similar to this error i believe:
  7. I have a project that uses a variant of the "main.inc" template strategy. All templates are set to use a single "main.php" file. That file uses output buffering to include page-specific views and insert them into a "base" template. Generally, this works great and allows me to structure my files exactly the way I want. However, I've found that if I want to manually throw a Wire404Exception, it just bubbles up uncaught rather than being handled. The 404 handler works fine in instances where I'm not calling it manually, but fails otherwise, specifically when I'm dealing with urlSegments. I'm
  8. Hello, for a module that's used in the admin, I need the ->size(x, y) functionality for creating thumbnails of existing images. I tried it but I got following exception: ProcessWire: ProcessPageList: Method Pagefile::first does not exist or is not callable in this context I hope someone can help me with that! Thanks!
  9. Hello, I have received many emails with same error message and I am wandering how to change the code to get more meaningful errors. Hope someone know what could to be the reason for that exception or how to render more details in that exception. Аny help is greatly appreciated. Below is the error: Unknown User:/?/:ProcessWire Error:Exception: SELECT id, class, flags, data FROM modules ORDER BY class (in /var/www/my-domain/www.my-domain.com/wire/core/Database.php line 72) #0 /var/www/my-domain/www.my-domain.com/wire/core/Modules.php(142): Database->query('SELECT id, clas...') #1 /var/w
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