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  1. I see PostMarkApp are moving from an email credit based system to a subscription service. I'm hoping to move and was wondering which SMTP services people generally use that works well with ProcessWire?
  2. Hey folks, I am working on a client website, which lists some events. Events are just pages and each event has a date. Now the client wants a solution, where people could click a button for each event to put it on a "reminder list". After they collected all the events they have interrest in, they can enter an email and get a message a day before each event happens. Since I never had the need to develop something like this before. Is there someone who can share a good approach to this? I worked with FormBuilder before and there is also ProMailer (which I never used before), but not sure if that would help here. I also I took a look at WireMail Class which seems quite easy to use. I think the website runs on a shared hosting server, so not sure if the server could even handle it. But I could talk to the client to upgrade I guess. My approach would be like this: The email will be saved to each event page the person was interested in (maybe each event page has a field for this, where multiple emails could be stored). These Emails will not be seen by regular guest users. There will propably have to be a verification of some kind to prevent spam? There need to be some script/cronjob that checks if an event will happen soon (this seems complicated). Then an email will be send to every email that is accociated with that event. To comply to GDPR laws, the emails have to be deleted after the notification was send. (The client would like to keep them for future newsletter stuff, but than a unsubscribe button in the email isneeded). Any ideas or feedback is welcome. Thx in advance!
  3. How do I grab the admin user's email address? Thanks!
  4. This module hooks into the login method to provide the possibility to login with the user's email address. This is my first module and it's very simple. Please provide feedback if you have any suggestions. Thanks The module can be found in the module repository: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/login-with-email/ or on github: https://github.com/noelboss/LoginWithEmail
  5. I have a page which sends out an email based on queries in the url <?php // event ID $eventID = $input->get('eventID','int'); $event = $pages->get($eventID); // config $adminEmail = "events@test.com"; $fromEmail = "noreply@test.com"; $fromName = "test"; $emailSubject = "Test Email"; // HTML BODY $emailBody = ""; // HOW TO ??? … // send mail $m = new WireMail(); $m->to($adminEmail); $m->from($fromEmail, $fromName); $m->subject($emailSubject); $m->bodyHTML($emailBody); $m->send(); ?> The email body is a bit complex: standard html/css tables and some php (pw variables). I put my emailbody (html) in a seperate file emailbody.inc but don't know how to include it?
  6. To create a new gitlab issue, I'd like to send an Email to the following email address using FormBuilder: incoming+account/repository@incoming.gitlab.com unfortunately, the / in the email gets striped by the sanitizer: wire('sanitizer')->email(incoming+account/repository@incoming.gitlab.com'); // output: incoming+accountrepository@incoming.gitlab.com Is there any way to configure the sanitizer? Any other Ideas how to send the mail to this address? Ps.: I can not define the email format as it is defined by gitlab. The format is also kind of "common" and known as email-alias in the form of emailaccount+alias@domain.com – gmail uses it to label mails… https://help.wodify.com/hc/en-us/articles/234441508-How-Do-I-Create-an-Email-Alias-
  7. I received an email from Mandrill today which talked about upcoming changes. Here is a link to their Blog entry http://blog.mailchimp.com/important-changes-to-mandrill/
  8. Hi, I'm an abolute newbie in processwire an it's modules. But I have read huge amounts of posts in this forum and as many docs and i learnt a lot in the last days. For a contact-form i used this great module (many thanks) and i hooked it my first time. Everything is alright. Now i search for a possibility to format or render the output in the email. Is there any posibility? Thank you for your replies
  9. Forms are an essential part of most websites, and it's no surprise that there's an excellent premium module Form Builder but what if you're on a zero budget for whatever reason? It is possible to build forms quickly and easily by making use of a couple of free modules and the admin UI to give you a great deal of flexibility and speed of development, particularly if you need multiple forms on a website with different fields. 1. First you're going to need to install a couple of modules: Form Template Processor Fieldtype Select External Option 2. For each form that you want to display, create a template without a template file and add fields to it as you normally would. (eg I have formContact, formRegister etc) Tip: under the Advanced tab in the setup for each template, I add a tag Forms so that all my forms templates are nicely grouped together in admin. 3. Create a new field of type Select External Option and call it formTemplate In the section Create options from any database table select templates as the source table id as the Option Value name as the Option Label 4. Create a new template file and call it renderForm.php (or whatever else you like) Add an email field to this form - This will be the email address that forms get submitted to. Add the formTemplate field you previously created to this form. This will allow you to select which of the templates you previously created such as formContact, formRegister etc you want to render. Add any other fields as usual that you want to render on the page. Add the following PHP code to the template file. $recipient = $page->email; $form = $modules->get('FormTemplateProcessor'); $form->template = $templates->get($page->formTemplate->label); // required $form->requiredFields = array('contactName', 'contactEmail', 'contactMesssage'); //Optional: This can be improved by having a field in the page template with a CSV list of required fields eg $form->requiredFields = explode(',', $page->requiredFields) $form->email = $recipient; // optional, sends form as email. FormTemplateProcessor can also save forms to the database. $content .= $form->render(); //generate the form to display. Note: this doesn't actually render the form at this point, but you have it in the $content variable ready to output wherever you want in your template. Add any template HTML or other PHP code and echo $content; wherever you want to render the form. 5. Create a page using the renderForm template, and provide an email address, and select a form that you want to display. 6. Use CSS to style the form as required. 7. View your new page, and check that the form renders correctly. 8. You can modify the templates you created at step 2 or create new ones as required if your requirements for what fields forms display changes. Note: The Form Template Processor module can also save form input as pages, and the FieldType Select External Option can be set up with filtering, so this solution can probably be refined further.
  10. henri


    Hi Guys, i am a newbe to processwire. Have to maintain a website, but never worked with processwire. I have got an form that is submitted ( i do not have the form thing), to two email addresses. The last week the mails to the second address aren't delivered so it seems. Where do i find the email addresses where the form is submitted to?? I cant find them, though i can find the include of the form. Who knows?????
  11. Hi All, Just a quick question, if a form has an upload field should there be a working link in the subsequent email which allows you to view the uploaded file? As it stands only the name and size of the file appears in the email although viewing the source it appears wrapped in anchor tags, albeit without any href attribute. I'm not sure if this is the correct result or if I have somehow managed to cause this and there should be a working link to the uploaded file.
  12. Hi all, with $config->adminEmail it's possible to send out an email for fatal errors (for example a syntax-error). It would be nice to get also an email in case of an unhandled exception. There could be a situation of an wrong upload and exceptions on the live-page. Is this possible? Also it could be a very handy feature to be able to choose specific logs which are sent our via email automatically. Thanks for your feedback, Dennis
  13. Anyone happen to have created an mailchimp signup modules? Just looking into it now. Looking to create a simple module that signs people up to a list on mailchimp when a new suer is created.
  14. HELLO! I'm sending out quite a few (maybe 500 a day) emails from a site using WireMail. I get quite a few bounces and I'm not really sure how to handle this as i'm starting to worry abou my emailing reputation. Any thoughts?
  15. Want to use Mandrill for sending emails using their HTTP API rather than SMTP? Read on! I've been working on a WireMailMandrill module for a site I'm currently adding some features to. So far, the module has been tested for simple mail sending, with basic options, and attachments. I haven't tested the full range of things that are possible with the official Mandrill PHP library, but I think I've implemented the ability to set most, if not all, of them. This should be considered beta and not entirely relied upon for sites in production. Testing and feedback welcome. I'm sorry about the lack of code comments at the moment as well, I was just throwing this together as I went along so I could move onto the next part of what I was building... This was originally mentioned in a discussion about SendGrid and Mandrill options in a thread in the Form Builder support area. Not everyone has access to that, which is why I'm putting this here WireMailMandrill on GitHub Quick example (taken directly from a site I'm working on): $mail = wireMail(); $mail->from('info@example.com', 'ExampleCOM Enterprises'); $mail->to($toMail, $toName); $mail->subject('Entry confirmation'); $mail->bodyHTML($bodyHTML); $mail->attachment($myPage->files->first()->filename); $count = $mail->send();
  16. Is there a built-in way in PW to do email confirmation/validation? Someone signs up or does something with an email address; the system sends an email with a confirmation link to make sure the user actually owns the address. pwFoo and justb3a both use a double opt-in (?) confirmation link in their modules, but I think they use different methods? I can't figure out how they do it. Is there a recommended way? A quick, easy way? I am looking into how to put this together. I would need tables in the database for a validation code, generated at signup, and a true/false for account activation. Those would be two fields in the signup template/page, correct? But they would have to be added to the "user template"? Confused... I thnk this post explains it. Ryan in that thread also points to a built-in PW way to generate a validation code.
  17. Hello, I have a Processwire site that was made some years ago, and I got a complaint that the emails originating from it, ended up in Gmail's spam folder. I updated Processwire to 2.8, and changed the PHP mail() function I used before, to the newer $mail helper. In the beginning I used a Gmail email for the recipient, but later changed to an info@site.com type, thinking that this could be the problem. Still, the emails are marked as spam. I used the following code (simplified): $name = $input->post['name']; $emailFrom = $input->post['email']; $message = $input->post['message']; $form = array( 'name' => $sanitizer->text($name), 'email' => $sanitizer->email($emailFrom), 'message' => $sanitizer->textarea($message), ); $message = "Name: $form[name]\n" . "Email: $form[email]\n" . "Message: $form[message]"; $email = $mail->new(); $email->subject("Subject") ->to($pages->get('/settings/')->main_email) ->from($form['email']) ->body($message); $email->send(); Should I use email header parameters? I can't find what to do in the docs. Thanks
  18. I need to figure out how to make a simple front end event registration/RSVP; enter full name + email address for the guest list (database), receive an email confirmation. Where to start with this? I know how a regular html form works. What does a basic Processwire form look like?
  19. Hi, I know this may be trivial question but please forgive newbie. I would like to implement a set of pages that each collect email address from the target audience and in exchange sends small pdf attachment to the customer with perhaps WireMailMailgun?
  20. I am working on a registration script here. It used to work and send an email with a validation code to a new user. But it has stopped working. Nothing gets sent. How can I troubleshoot this? This is the bit that is supposed to send the email: I tried replacing wireMail() with mail(). That had no effect. A php contact form in a Wordpress site on the same server/hosting account still works. It could still be something in the email setup on my server, but I have no idea where to start. Is there a quick test to see if sending email from PW works?
  21. I'm trying to send an email notification for each inquiry submitted. Currently they're just saved as pages. I want to email notify too. So I have (mail part is at the bottom): // check if the form was submitted if($input->post->submit) { // determine if any fields were ommitted or didn't validate foreach($required_fields as $key => $value) { if( trim($value) == '' ) { $error_message = "<p class='error'>Please check that you have completed all the required fields.</p>"; $error = true; } } // if no errors, create a new page if(!$error) { $p = new Page(); // create new page object $p->template = 'vessel_inquiry'; // set template $p->parent = wire('pages')->get('/sales/inquiries/'); // set the parent $p->name = $input->post->vessel_id . '_' . date('YmdHisu') . '_' . $input->post->user_id; $p->title = $input->post->title; // set page title (not neccessary but recommended) $p->save(); //create the page // populate fields $p->message = $input->post->message; if($user->isLoggedin()) { $p->user = $input->post->user_id; } else { $p->fullname = $input->post->fullname; $p->email = $input->post->email; } $p->vessel_id = $input->post->vessel_id; $p->status = $p->status | Page::statusLocked; $p->save(); //save the populated fields $success = true; $mail = new WireMail(); // chained method call usage $mail->to('my@email.com')->from('some@email.com')->subject('Message Subject')->body('Message Body')->send(); } This is just to test email sending period. (The to and from emails are actually different ones that I have access to.) I've tried several times to submit inquiries and am not getting anything in spam or anywhere. I'm using XAMPP on OS X. I know email is complicated and not exactly a ProcessWire matter but do you guys know how I might be able to troubleshoot or resolve this? Surely others here have experience using wireMail() on similar setups... Thanks much.
  22. Hi everyone I would need help with my contact/order form. What I have so far: functioning contact form with name, email, adress, etc. When clicking send, another php site opens and says "thank you" and an email ist generated and sent off. What I want to have: Can I send the email off without having to direct to another php site? Is there a way to open a modal window instead? If yes, how? Thanks!
  23. If anyone can help with this that would be great. The password reset link is localhost? but i'm viewing the site from it's live url. Thanks, Jason
  24. Hello, When I try to mail via wiremail, using an array of email addresses to send I always receive them as if only sent to me. ( What I mean is, I only see one address on to field when I receive mail) $mail = wireMail(); $to = ['myemail@email.com','otheremai@email.com']; $mail->to($to); Is there any way to send them together? Thanks ahead
  25. This has probably been asked a million times, but I can't seem to find an answer. I have always just used a php script to process the emails and was excited that I could pass in an email address from a page to the script using $page. However, this does throw a 403. I was told that I shouldnt be doing it this way, but I was wondering how do you all go about handling emails? I was going to use the same page template, but I need the option of changing out the to email address dynamically.
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