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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, I could have sworn I used to be able to use the site generic 'title' field as a sub field of a repeater field. However I've tried to do this on two 3.0.165 sites recently and, while it will add the title field in the repeater field setup, it wont save the repeater title sub field's content when the repeater is used in a page template and edited. It;'s not a big issue but I wondered if this was a known restriction?
  2. Since I'm doing a lot of detailed logging in our internal PW-based systems, that has become a bit of a bottleneck under heavy load and I was missing a centralized view with the growing number of separate PW instances. So I dug into the core a bit, namely WireLog.php and FileLog.php as well as ProcessWire.php. I managed to whip up my own WireLogDatabase and DbLog classes mimicking the behaviour of the regular logging classes, but not without a little bit of tweaking to the ProcessWire class itself to replace the regular logger. Now I'm logging to a MySQL server instead of plain files and Proces
  3. I seem to be running into a repeated fatal error in a fresh PW install version 3.0.148. I can't quite put my finger on the pattern but it seems to be around deleting image fields or removing images from certain image fields. This is the trace from the log generated by trying to save a page and delete an image from an image field: Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Cannot access protected property Pageimage::$original in /wire/core/PageimageVariations.php:256 Stack trace: 1. /wire/core/Pageimage.php(1327): PageimageVariations->getInfo() 2. /wire/core/Wire.php(386): Pageimage->___isVari
  4. Not sure if this is by design - or if I'm perhaps missing the obvious. I'm just getting my feet wet with pw (2.5.3) and have created a partial sitemap template (nothing fancy, just recursing through a partial tree). When I added a page field to my sitemap template, selected a page and tried to save, I got a memory limit exceeded error. The problem appeared only when the page picked in the page field was the same as the one being edited. public function resetTrackChanges($trackChanges = true) { parent::resetTrackChanges($trackChanges); foreach($this->data as $key =>
  5. Hello. I am starting to use ProcessWire. So, i need to extend the ProcessTemplate Module. I need to add a required field to the templates into the Advanced Tab (for personal purposes) I already added the field, but inside the core folder, but this is a very bad practice. The best would be add the modifications inside the site folder. How could i extend the core module ProcessTemplate in order to not affect the core, and the processwire read my extended modifications. Thank you very much everyone.
  6. What are your experiences with profile/color consistency when using Image Magick for resizing? I know @horst is probably the person with the most experience on this, (hope you can chime in here Horst) Problem: I noticed that In some cases Image Magic resized jpgs appear darker than the original, and after some digging it appears to involve various factors concering both the image preparation (Photoshop's save for web and even general profile handling before that) and the way the Image Magic resizing process is setup. - Images with an embedded (srgb) profile that were exported via
  7. hey! i want to read a value from a $page which is a multilanguage-field. it is important for me that i get that field NOT language-filtered, so the whole JSON string '{"0":"abdc","1063":"rguer"}'.. is this somehow possible without switching the fileld to not-multilanguage? because i need the filtered output at other places... is there a possibility to read the RAW data? thanks!
  8. I've updated my site's PW version from PW 2.6.x to the latest version. I've updated manually by copying the wire directory and overwriting index.php and .htaccess. When I try and load up the page I'm getting the following error. Error: Call to undefined function Site\wire() (line 5 of /Users/FrancisChung/Sites/Develop/site/templates/php/const/Const.php) My Const.php looks like : namespace Site; require_once(__DIR__."/../../../../index.php"); Define(SITE_DIR, wire(config)->paths->templates); Define(IMG_DIR , wire(config)->urls->templates."img/"); Define(IMG_SQ
  9. Hi guys, I would very much appreciate to get your feedback to the following idea: We've created a publishing system for our company that is based on ProcessWire. Currently we are only using it for one publishing page. But it could very well be possible that in the future we are in need of managing additional pages. I'm thinking of something like it is described in the article about Multiple-site support, but with something like a site-core that is included by any site instance. To keep server management simple all the instances could use the same database. Imagine the following folde
  10. In his latest blog post, Ryan annouces his works on the ProDraft-module for handling publishing workflows. While this is really great news, there is, at least in my opinion, the drawback that this module is a Pro-module. I really appreciate the tons of work Ryan puts into PW and see the need for getting some money back not being able to do work for some clients. I also like the idea of the Pro-modules, where advanced functions not needed by anybody is sold at a moderate price, i myself have bought some Pro-modules already. But such fundamental functionality like draft-versioning or defining
  11. Hi, I wish to have a core ImageManipulationClass like the ImageSizer but not only for resizing and cropping images. It should provide these easy to use functionality like with the ImageSizer and additionally a step to step image manipulation whereas the user / module author is not restricted anyhow. The basic image manipulation methods should be included, like: im_flip im_rotate im_crop im_crop_auto im_resize im_sharpen im_stepResize If someone want to do something more fancy or magic, he/she should not to have to reenvent the bas
  12. Hi, trying to implemement a set of blog pages and started using the Pagination module to find I couldnt list the page=2 etc results. This is what I started with: This is on a blog template, of which the post template children have page number enabled. $results = $page->children()->find("limit=2, sort=-date"); $pagination = $results->renderPager(); echo $results->render(); This didnt produce different results when clicking 'next'. so I tried: $limit = 2; if($_GET["page"]==0){ $startNum = 1; }else{ $startNum = $_GET["page"]; } $start = ($startNum-1) * $limit; echo $star
  13. ...and ideally fastest way. Where "equal" means that both arrays have the same set of elements, while order may be different. Straightforward way is to use double foreach, but I'm wondering if there is more elegant way with selectors and PW API.
  14. I think there is a bug in ProcessPageAdd Module. PW 2.4.0 If I try to add an Page by selecting a template with the big button on the right side in Admin 'Add New' and no parent site is given as GET Parameter like: http://example.org/admin/page/add/?template_id=37 the form will appear not complete and without submit button. EDIT: 10 min later .... Ah, its not the module its the Javascript ProcessPageAdd.js. If there is only one page in the list to select, the selection cannot be changed, and the submit button doesn't appear.
  15. **** UPDATE *** nevermind. seems to be an issue with my server/php. by testing it on another server, everything runs as expected. thanks! ******************** Hey ryan! i ran in a very special problem today: i moved a page to another server. (Im using V2.3) everything is good, except: i cant login as admin - because there is a problem rendering the submitbutton... in ProcessLogin.module i get a strange error: "Fatal error: Call to a member function attr() on a non-object in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/[...]/wire/modules/Process/ProcessLogin/ProcessLogin.module on line 123" this is ca
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