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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, on a site I want to disable access to original images and only allow to access thumbnails and watermarked image variations. EDIT: A good solution for protecting original images can be found a bit down in this thread: Old content of this initial post:
  2. Hello, we have many projects as pages containing images inside regular image fields and repeater matrix elements. Now we would like to organize our assets. ProcessWire saves assets with id as folder name and makes separate folders for repeater matrix elements. Is there a way to collect all assets of one page and export them in a folder with the page name/title? I think I could achieve this by using the command line wget for this website or maybe by a hook. But maybe someone has done this before. ? Regards, Andreas
  3. Hi All! Currently Processwire saves the files in the assets directory as follows assets > files > pageid > jpg, doc, mp4, etc. But what happens I have a project that we developed 2 years ago and currently uses 2 TB of space because the majority of content is video, so I thought that if Processwire could save the files per year, it means that the structure is thus assets > files > year > Pageid > jpg, doc, mp4, etc. This in order to be able to create an NFS volume for each year and that the volume does not grow in an exaggerated way, since the bigger the volume, the longer the reading and writing times in that volume. Thanks
  4. Hello, today I've tried the following: Use .htaccess to rewrite the url conditionally if an image file was not found. Rewrite target was http://www.this-is-the-live-system.com/site/assets/files/$1 I guess that would work out great. Unfortunately Processwire checks to see if the file exists and outputs an error message in the Page Editor. An option to disable this check would be great. (Similar to $config->debugIf = '::1'; or something) It would be great being able to just use the live database locally without broken images all over the place. I guess this might be a simple good enough solution for most use cases.
  5. Hi! This is my first posting at this forum and I am on my first PW website. The CMS looks pretty cool and I like its approach of handling data. Well, there is just one thing I don't understand or perhaps that way is new to me. The assets management. My website (about 100 pages) has a slider with 3 images in its header. As I understand I have to attach an image always to a particular page. If I want to use the same image on another page, I have to upload it again. Right? I can't access it from a field on another page (beside access via TinyMCE). Thanks for help! Sebastian
  6. Hello again! I'm moving my website: Norwegian to Polish dictionary http://lizus.net (ca. 28k pages) from Glossword to ProcessWire. Everything looks great except one thing: for each page there is created empty subfolder in site/assets/files. So I've got ca. 28k empty and unused folders which takes around 4kB each on my server (sic!). The same situation is with site/assets/cache :/ Is there any solution to improve this? Best regards, Remi Turala.
  7. I made a calendar view page in the admin using AdminCustomPages module, but since I want to add more functionality to it I am trying to make it (the calendar) its own module... So I have a module ProcessKalendar that extends Process and implements Module, ConfigurableModule. It creates the Kalendar page on installation and currently just outputs the input of the one config field for the module on that page on execution. I need to add scripts and stylesheets... How do I do this within the module?
  8. Hey guys, Why does ProcessWire automatically creates folders for each page images? Is it possible to create and use my own folders for uploaded images? For example, I want a "projects" folder to store project images and a "blog" folder to store images from the blog. How can I do that?
  9. Hello, Not sure I'm in the right section. I've just noticed something. In site > assets > files, there are folders apparently named after the id of the page in which the images are inserted in the admin. I'm developping a website locally this time, with version 2.5.0 now after an upgrade. It is the same for the first gallery rendered (before the upgrade) on it's own page and for the second gallery that've I've just rendered on the parent page of the page in which the images are inserted in the admin. For the first "gallery", the code is: foreach($page->children('include=hidden') as $child) { $thumb = $child->images->first()->width(320); echo "<a href='$child->external_url' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'><img src='$thumb->url' width='$thumb->width' height='$thumb->height' /></a>"; } (I've just updated this gallery code from width='320' height='200' to width='$thumb->width' height='$thumb->height') For the second gallery, it is: foreach($pages->get(1032)->images as $image) { $thumb = $image->width(90); echo "<a href='$image->url'><img src='$thumb->url' width='$thumb->width' height='$thumb->height' /></a>"; } For the first gallery, there are these versions: the original version (640x400), the .320x0.png version (320x200), in two folders a .300x212.png version (300x187 - perhaps old images with dimensions that I tested...(?)), and a .0x100.png version (160x100). For the second gallery, there are these versions: the original version (640x480), the .90x0.jpg version (90x68), and again a .0x100.jpg version (133x100). Where can I disable the creation of this .0x100.jpg version, in which file, is it "normal"? Thanks in advance !
  10. Good day, gentlemen! Can ProcessWire use an /assets/ folder form a different domain/subdomain, as recommended for static content (http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/rules.html#cookie_free)? I looked into /index.php and it seems that the paths/URLs are stored as site root + folders (i.e /processwire/ + /site/assets/ for the assets url). The site root gets always prepended to the folders so I couldn't simply reassign the property.
  11. Hi guys, I have a few questions regarding a few common practices when dealing with CMSes: 1- How can I install ProcessWire above the root for better security? 2- How can I change the default folder for uploading images? For example, I'd like to create a folder /uploads in the root and have all my uploaded images in there. And can I have multiple folders or just one folder for all images? 3- Is it possible to have site assets (css, js etc) stored in a folder /assets in the root? If you have other common practices or security tips etc and you'd like to share, please do.
  12. Hello, beginner here. First, Processwire is amazing. I try it from yesterday and already made so much progress! A field allow me to unzip an archive in assets/. Now I would like to include in my template a stylesheet.css extracted from the archive. I think I meet some permission issue because nothing is included. Can you confirm and help me? $fontlist = $pages->get("/fonts/"); foreach($fontlist->children as $child){ $stylesheet = $child->webfont_archive->url.'stylesheet.css'; echo "<a href='".$stylesheet."'>".$stylesheet."</a>"; // This link is ok include($stylesheet); // Nothing here }
  13. I'm building my first brand new Processwire site! It's easy and looks really extensible so I'm excited. However, I have a codeigniter app that is going to eventually sit in a directory beneath Processwire and I want to store assets like css, js, and images in a top-level directory that both CI and PW will access. Right now, I've accomplish this by using tags like `<img src="<?php echo $config->urls->templates ?>../../assets/images/russellbits-logo-small.png" alt="Russellbits"/>` Works fine, but it's messy. Is there another way I could do this in PW without making an http call?
  14. Firstly I am loving the CMS, so glad that I found it. I have worked with and tinkered with many and literally non have excited me except this one. I only started playing yesterday and I have a few questions I'd appreciate some advice on: tokens/sanitization/html fields For some of my fields I would like to be able to use tokens for example "It's in the [highlight]Game[/highlight]". Failing this I would like to create simple single line fields which accept some html tags like span/em/strong. Also in the stock installation I don't see a field that allows html - just a "Text" field. Thanks!
  15. Hi, I'm currently trying to setup a multi server setup here and I was wondering if anybody has any experience in saving the /site/assets/files to a different server, currently I have a front-end templates server, a backend mysql server and a fileserver setup, I'm trying to implement PW into this flow, anybody has done this before? Kind regards!
  16. Hi all! I was wondering if it's possible to set up custom destination directories for different templates and/or fields. The example would be the following: I have a custom field named 'pdfs' and everything it uploads goes to /assets/pdfs. And so on? You know what I mean? So the file url would be cleaner and meaningful. This way I would have some url organization for files, like: assets/brochures, or assets/pdfs. Thanks in advance!
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