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Found 5 results

  1. Hallo, I use Processwire for a few months now. And I was really happy with it. Now, I have a problem that might be related to Processwire - or not. I hope someone can give me a hint. My problem is this: Accessing my Processwire website is really slow on a ("local") XAMPP installation. Frontend as well as backend. The situation: I used Processwire 3.0.42 / XAMPP for Windows 5.6.28-1 on my local PC to make a website. All worked fine. Then I moved my htdocs and mysql Database to a NAS (changed the mysql.ini / httpd.conf files), so my co-worker could access the files, too. From that point, processwire takes about 5 seconds, until a page starts to load. With plain HTML/PHP websites this problem doesn't seem to occur. I made a new Processwire Installation, but that did not change anything. mysql shows no errors. Apache shows a few notices and warnings, mostly: AH01909: www.example.com:443:0 server certificate does NOT include an ID which matches the server name AH00354: Child: Starting 150 worker threads. Does anyone have the same problem, an idea what I could try to do, or even better, a solution? I really wonder why that is ... Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello folks, a slightly embarrassing entry on this forum with a failed setup on Xampp - perhaps someone can point me in the right direction? I downloaded and installed Xampp for OS X and this seems to run fine - when I go to http://localhost the Xampp page loads nicely. I then went to the Bitnami Xampp page and downloaded the PW Module for OS X. I walk through the install and leave the path to the default /Applications/XAMPP, enter my OS X admin pass, it then says it will restart the installer, enter admin pass again, leave the path as default and when I click on next it simply does nothing, I can still change the path or cancel the install and that's it. Any clues as to what I'm doing wrong? Many thanks! Konrad
  3. Hi Everyone! I am new to processwire and this CMS looks better than some of the others I have seen. I have a question though. I want to design Processwire websites for clients. I will be creating the sites on my computer using Xampp and then I want to upload the finished site to a live server. What I'm confused about is should I install separate Processwire installations for each client and name them differently in Phpmyadmin. For example I would install Processwire and name it Process-Client A. Then I will install Processwire again and name the database Process-Client B. Would I be walking into a minefield if I did this? Thanks!
  4. Hi all! I'm no stranger to developing locally on my computer, in fact, I prefer it! I currently have WampServer2.2 on my 64bit Win 7 Ultimate 4GB RAM. Lots of testing virtualhosts and some subdomains. For some reason, I can't get ProcessWire to work properly on subdomains (but what's not what this topic is about). From time to time, I experiment with Linux. Just over this past Christmas I was heavily into Arch and some of its variants. Previously Linux Mint, Ubuntu, etc. I have many application licenses on Windows that fully switching to Linux and finding alternatives will be impossible. But I do tinker in Linux from time to time throughout the year and I keep coming back to Windows simply because running Win in a VirtualBox on Linux is a little slow. I have run into numerous tutorials/walkthroughs/guides etc. that show how to build a decent lamp-stack for web development - and I have done that numerous times. howtoforge.com has many examples! But I wanted to ask the tech geeks here on one of my favorite forums Which do YOU PREFER? 1. Windows + WAMP/XAMPP (100% Windows dependency) 2. Windows + VirtualBox & LAMP? 3. Linux (or Mac) + VirtualBox & Win 4. a complete LAMP or MAMP stack (zero Windows reliance) Again, I've used all the above, and tinkered beyond my hearts content in both environments. I just wanted to start a little discussion to find out how others have their LAMPs set up.
  5. A colleague of mine want to start with Processwire, yesterday eve, he called & said: deleting images won't delete the thumnails. His version op PHP is: 5.3.5. Today i installed a fresh copy op xampp on an allmost untouched win 7 install, just to try if I get the same "result". The PHP version of the fresh install is 5.4.4. also have the same issue.
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