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  1. Sorry for this dummy question, I'm newbie for processwire. I try to make new field for search form from "drop down module" but nothing happens. Take a look: <select id='country' data-placeholder="Country" placeholder="Country" name='country'> <option value=''></option><?php foreach($country as $count){ $selected = $count == $input->whitelist->country ? " selected='selected' " : ''; echo "<option value='$count'>$count</option>";} ?> </select> What am I doing wrong? Cheers, a.
  2. this is the 2nd time i have encountered this issue; the first time i just figured i was doing it wrong; when making the options in a select list, it says: this is my list: engus:=English (US) enguk:=English (UK) french:=French italian:=Italian spanish:=Spanish greek:=Greek but for some reason this is not working...it doesn't store the value when using this kind of list. Does it only work with numbers?, or can we have the stored data be the string on the left (which could be a css class for example) and on the right be able to use a word combination that is more understandable to the
  3. Scratching my head here. I'm trying to find a simple way for the client to be able to add options to a select tag in a form. Do I really have to use pages here? I can use a textarea - convert new lines to <li> tags but that won't cut it for <option> tags. Repeater field? If that is the best option could anyone tell me how I would output the results as <li> tags? Ideally it would be a fieldtype where each drop-down was some sort of item that I could loop in <option> tags. Thanks Edit: I've come up with this code for a repeater file and it seems to be doing the tric
  4. Sorry to ask a lame question but after trying I've failed to work out the code I need to do something that I am sure must be easy to do with PW but my newb status and PHP/jQ weakness have foiled me :/ I'm using pages to make a 'select' as described here. I'm using a repeater to add two fields to the editor, one a select and the other a textarea. For my template, in my awful pseudo code I want to do this: if segment_width is set { if segment_width = half then output "grid_6" (to fill in a CSS class) if segment_width = third then output grid_4 - - - " - - - if segment_width = quarter t
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