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  1. so i made some options in t he field type, and i want to check if selected title is that output this is my sample code if($media->r_soc == 'facebook') { $soc = 'facebook'; } elseif($media->r_soc == 'twitter') { $soc = 'twitter'; } i just basically want to check if the user in CMS selected option facebokk and then outpit it into variable which is later outputted into fa icon, oh and also this is all in repeat field
  2. My client could save some time if she could select multiple pages at once. Of yourse, we are using the standard page selector in multi-tree mode, but she has to select one page after another. Each time she has to open the site tree again and open the required subtree, finding the page she wants to select. Would be cool to let the tree open after selecting a page, so she could select multiple pages in one "tree session". Understand what I mean? Anybody any solution to this? Alternatively, maybe the site tree could keep its state with all the subtrees open, when you are re-open it agai
  3. Going through my long quest to get better with ajax and utilizing the api, I have hit yet another roadblock. I currently have a form with an image field (thanks to flydev for getting that sorted), "title" text input, and a select field set to multiple. In my ajax call, I added in: tags = $("#select-tags").val(); form_data.append('tags', tags); $.ajax({ type: 'POST', data: form_data, contentType: false, processData: false, url: '/ajax/upload-preview/', success: function(data) { console.log("Woo"); }, error: function(xhr, ajaxOptions, thrownError) { alert(xhr.responseText); } }
  4. Hi everyone, here's the problem I'm trying to solve. I have a config area in my PW admin that is locked down for admin use. I use pages to store a bunch of settings that I'll use for my clients website. It's mostly used for visual things like colours and theming. This list could be tiny or large, depending on the sites requirements, but its great because I can store any information I want to. So the page tree could look something like this: ADMIN SETUP Home Config Aesthetics Colours Red Field: Custom Lab
  5. So I was tinkering around with the "select fields" field type and added it to a repeater. My thoughts were I could have a user select a field (textarea, text, etc etc) that I defined and give it a name (another field in the repeater) and create their own form on the page. To be honest, I am now a little lost with rendering the form and mailing the results as potentially the form will be unique and custom every time. The only way I know to handle the output is by going about it this way: $forms = $page->form_select_fields; foreach($forms as $form) { if($form->name === "form_input
  6. I don't know why multiple instances (repeater_repeat_columns1, repeater_repeat_columns2, ...) of my repeater field are displayed inside Template field (see image). Is there a way to clean/reset it ?
  7. I was wondering if there's an easy way to validate if a title is a valid value for a FieldtypeOptions field. I have created a field with different status values where only a single value can be selected: 1=done 2=planned 3=error Now I am going to update the page which includes this field which works fine so far - but: I I am using any other string than the defined options it stores a blank value. To avoid this I am trying to validate the input before. Something like getAllOptionsForField > in_array() etc would work but maybe there's a build-in method I am currently missing
  8. So I have been creating an internal web app over the last couple months, and am finally on the last piece of the puzzle, customizable forms. I thought I could just create a view basic forms and use a select option to let them select the form, and my template file could just output the form based on their selection. Easy enough. However, I have since ran into a slight head scratcher. Not all the forms are the same and they might vary greatly between each other. Has anyone done something similar to this? In an ideal world, I would use form builder, but I really dont want them to have acces
  9. Does anyone know how to change the title of a select options to lower case? Right now, I have 3 options: "Management, Editor, Guest" (titles are uppercase in the backend), and I would like to change them to lower case in my template as I am adding them as a class name to span tags, ie "<span class="management"></span>". I will note, that I am using $level->title (the options) in a nested foreach loop, if this changes anything. Also, I thought I could use strtolower(), but it is just being "echo'd" in the source code.
  10. I have a problem and I don't understand. I have a profield table with different fields and a select field. I did like it's instructed and put "value=label". But when I'm trying to output the select field with var_dump (to debug), it's indicated that the field is a string that contains the value. Why is it a string ? when I try myselectfield->value or label or title I have an error saying I'm trying to get a property on a non-object ... Anyone ?
  11. hey there, i'm using processwire for the first time, so maybe it's a dumb question. but i'm trying to have an options field which values are the users of the processwire. i don't need the values to be displayed, it's just for the administration of the page. but each time a new user is created / a user is deleted the options field should be updated automatically. is something like that possible?
  12. I thought I had it figured out, but what I coded doesnt seem to be working at all. First let me set up what I am trying to do. Each page of the site has a different background color, so I was going to use a switch statement to just change the div class in conjunction with the Select Options Fieldtype, The switch: $switchColor = $page->switchColor; switch ($switchColor) { case "brown": echo "<div class='container inner-brown'>"; break; case "blue": echo "<div class='container inner-blue'>"; break; case "red": echo "<div clas
  13. First, I want to thank everyone who has been developing this great CMS. I really love it and I can do so much more and even learn more about coding. Now I try to create something new and very important for me, but I have a small problem with it. I am trying to make a website where users only see their own stuff or blank / redirect if not logged in. The problem is that I want to use the same template for all users, so I can't put a certain page as parent for selectable pages because the parent should always be /clients/username/categories/ (different path for every user). Input field type i
  14. Hey Guys! I ran into some really strange behavior when trying to save selected Selectfieldtype values from a form to a select field in a page. I have three different dropdowns in this page, all with different values and they randomly get saved en sometimes they don't. This is my setup: Form Page: Dropdown a: Dropdown a: - - V - - - V
  15. I have a page that has a field that contains a page. How do I use the API to update a page select field in the page's page? Example: User page has field "member" which points to a member page. Member page has field "gender" which points to page for selecting gender. How do I change the page the gender points to from the user page? I've tried $user->member->gender = 123; where 123 is the new page ID. Also, $user->member->set("gender", 123); Both of these seem not to work.
  16. how can I achieve something like this: in a custom process module ? I made a Interface(form) with the Inputfields components, but i don't know how to make the asmSelect to set the values so that it looks like above. At the Moment mine InputfieldAsmSelect looks like this in my alternative Interface: Here's the code which I have so far: $field = $this->modules->get("InputfieldAsmSelect"); $field->columnWidth = 50; $field->label = __("Titel"); $field->attr("id+name",'titel'); $fieldsTitel = $this->fields->get('titel'); $options = $fieldsTitel->type->getOp
  17. Hi folks, I am using the Select Options module to set up up options for content within a repeater (if the image you've added wants to be full, half or quarter width) and I have setup a few options: 1=Full 2=Half 3=Quarter This all works fine in the admin end; but on the front end I am trying to determine, for each in the loop, which options was selected. I have it set up like this: <div class="col-xs-12 <?php if ($image->issue_raw_image_width === 1) : ?>col-sm-offset-1 col-sm-10<?php elseif ($image->issue_raw_image_width === 2) : ?>col-sm-6<?php elseif ($ima
  18. Hi folks, I have a repeater set up on a page and wondered if it's possible to only return the repeater rows that have a certain 'item' selected from a dropdown select field? So, for example, on my dropdown select I have two options 1: Article and 2: Sector guide, and I can return each row of the repeater easily enough with: <?php $articles = $pages->get('/practice/publications/'); ?> <?php foreach ($articles->practice_publication as $article) : ?> <?php echo $article->practice_publication_title; ?> <?php endforeach; ?> But this will of course return al
  19. I created fieldtype "select" for template (0:=Prepared, 1:=Done) And need to make for list of pages with this template value for this fieldtype to "1" from. There are to many pages to do it manualy. How to make it?
  20. Hi folks, As the title suggests, is it possible to output the label from a select/dropdown, rather than the value? I am using this module: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/fieldtype-select/ and I am currently outputting the value as follows: <?php echo $project->project_location_type; ?> Thanks in advance, R
  21. I see a fieldype made by Hanni; and i have a question with multi language; there's a way to made this fieldtype to save to multiLanguage processwire 2.5.* ? The module is: https://github.com/Hani79/Processwire_FieldType_Select_Drop_Down PD: i know there's a page fieldtype; but i dont wanna use that cause the final user dont need to see a page with 30 children for 1 category dropdown. Regards,
  22. I know there are a lot of category-topics on this forum already, but I can't find a solution for my problem. I got the following page-tree: Downloads - Download 1 - Download 2 - Categories -- Category 1 -- Category 2 --- Subcategory 1 ---- Deeper Subcategory -- Category 3 So categories can be really deep. Each download is assigned to one category only. And I would like to output it in my template like this: Category 1 - Download 1 Category 2 - Subcategory 1 -- Deeper Subcategory --- Download 2 But I can't find a good selection to do so.
  23. Hi again, I have another dummy question about Select field use. I made the field "boardbasis" with select options: 1:=Breakfast 2:=Catered 3:=Self-catered In template I use $page->boardbasis to extract result from "boardbasis" Select field. As a result I get on page "1 or 2 or 3" (just pointed numbers). What should I do achieve as a result "Breakfast or Catered"? Thanks a lot for your assistant. Have a great weekend, a.
  24. Hi! I´m really liking ProcessWire, even though it´s a little intimidating to a complete PHP noob like me. The basics are pretty easy understand, but one function I still lack is the option to sort pages by custom fields. I looked at Ryans Scryscraper Site Profile to try to figure out how he did it for about 5 minutes before my brain exploded. I´ve also tried to search the forums without success. So if this is something that some of you PHP gurus could help me with that would be awesome. Here´s my question. Lets say I have a photos page with lots of photo pages in it which include custom fi
  25. Hi! I'm trying to find optimal solution for "cars database" site I'm currently developing. Background: Each car has variable but limited list of attributes: model, length, number of seats, color, etc - total more than 50 attributes that average consumer is interested to know. Each attribute has value, e.g. model=BMW 3er 318i, length=5.5m, number of seats=5, color=black. These attributes and their values are added in the repeater field of car page, where attributes are selected from available limited list (page select field type) while values are entered manually (text field). Repeater is
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