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Found 4 results

  1. To explain my problem, I will show my usecase scenario first. I have the following page types: There is a page type 'Person', with parent type 'People' There is a page type 'Project' with parent type 'Projects' 'People' and 'Projects' are just containers/parent pages to 'Person' and 'Project' respectively. Every person can be associated with one or more projects, every project can have multiple people in charge. What I did is - I made it 'Person'-centric, meaning I added a field on 'Person' type page that helps you select projects (Multi Page reference field). I didn't do the same for 'Project' type as it seems like duplicating the effort. Result is when I edit a Person, I can see the projects associated and that is fine. What I want is when editing a Project to see what 'Person'(s) have that particular project in their admin page. I am talking about admin pages only, obviously this is much easier in frontend where I can do this via custom PHP code. Maybe there is a Processwire field that can display a result of page selector? Please advise on the above, I am open to alternative approaches to this problem as well. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, I'm primarily a graphic designer with some intermediate php coding skills. I love everything about Processwire; how easy it is to get up and running, making a lot of things that are hard (at least to me), very easy to implement. In fact, it makes me look like a genius most of the time ( I deal with a lot of Imposter Syndrome, but anyways . . .). I'm trying to figure out how to install Square's SDK and API into a processwire site I'm developing for my wife. I've read a lot of tutorials and articles, and I'm afraid to make some horrible error that will break what I've already built (I just recently learned how to use Regions with confidence). I don't know if I should install Composer or not ( I don't understand Composer, do I install only locally on my computer, or actually have to install it on the server?) or do I just manually install the SDK on the server itself, but where? Not the root folder, I know that much and how do I call it in the files (in the config.php or in the _init.php). She's an esthetician, I'd like users to be able to book appointments on the site and her able to make those appointments to deposit a percentage to hold the appointment. So that is my issue. Would love some help and keep learning to get better with using Processwire.
  3. Hello everyone, I just started using ProcessWire, and I must say I'm pretty impressed with it. I managed to add it to an existing site in a few hours (http://shaolin.hr) without any problems, so kudos to you guys. Now, I have a need to work on the site that has some functionality that doesn't really fit in the page paradigm. It is a site for the football league, and while I will manage content with ProcessWire, there is data I need to manage that is strictly relational and I need SQL power for statistics, leaderboard and so on. These are the models I should handle: Leagues Teams Players Games Seasons I should be able to get a leaderboard for league per season. I should have a goalgetter leaderboard (per league), etc.. I think I might fit this data in the ProcessWire pages, but I'm concerned about stats and performance of these calcualtions. If this is not really a fit for the ProcessWire, is there a way I could create custom admin section where I could somehow reuse frontend widgets while using some other ORM for the data model?
  4. Let's say there was a guy who was willing to open source of his code; Which files should not be included in the open git repository, so his site won't be compromised? Thanks Note: /site/config.php is a no-brainer
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