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Found 106 results

  1. Hello there, ProcessWire has been the perfect CMS for me so far but I always missed the Laravel way of doing things when working with PW. Therefore I've built a package that will integrate Laravel into ProcessWire. It's already working out really well and I can imagine a lot of stuff to come in future. Anyways I'm hoping for some peoples support / pull requests / ideas / opinions ... Here's the link: https://github.com/hettiger/larawire Enjoy!
  2. Hi there, I've not used processwire for a few months but have been keeping an eye on version 3 as I'm due to start a new processwire site within the next few weeks and had a couple of questions: Are modules for ProcessWire 2.7 generally compatible with ProcessWire v3? Would I be better off sticking with 2.7 for now, and upgrading at a later date (assuming that's possible)? I did have a flick through the forums and blog posts however couldn't see anything that answered these questions, apologies if I've missed it somewhere though. Many thanks
  3. I ran across this by chance .... http://www.redbubble.com/people/smdnetau/works/9425499-processwire?grid_pos=1&p=iphone-case ... and was wondering if Ryan or anyone else had ever had the idea of making some Processwire T-shirts? I would get one ...
  4. Hey, I was wondering if there is an alternative to the default Processwire ImageSizer. Although it comes in really, really handy (I have actually never used any Content Management Framework that comes with a default Resize module) I am not quite content when it comes to resizing large images. Check this image: http://imgur.com/KNS9VWB You can clearly see a difference in sharpness of both images, after resizing the image comes out a bit blurry (Yes, quality is on 100). Has anybody else encountered this? If so, is there any good alternative (in form of a Module). Much love to anyone that's willing to help <3
  5. If you want to install processwire on cloud server you may simply follow the guideline
  6. Hello, will the database structure change until stable release of ProcessWire 3 or won't the database be touched? This would be great to know, Ryan!
  7. Hello, today the beta of ProDrafts was announced. But nothing about ProcessWire 3.0.9 . Will there be an ProcessWire 3 update this week?
  8. New programs are constantly added to the website as they are developed and we need a talented & creative developer to help us implement the same, Location NY. Please PM or call / text to +1 929 266 5936 (929 266 5ZEN google voice, its safe and secure )
  9. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone had already exported a Cargo Collective site to ProcessWire?! I have two Cargo sites I'd like to convert to ProcessWire, they're using these templates: - http://cargocollective.com/voyager1 - http://cargocollective.com/sirius It's all working fine but I can't figure out how to "replicate" the famous Cargo effect to PW (the effect where links open fastly without reloading the page). Can anyone please help me achieve this with PW? Cheers
  10. Hello, i am trying to use PW 3 and its look great with option of online editing. but i am having issue with installing admin theme Modesta. when i try to install admin theme i got error Fatal error: Class 'InputfieldWrapper' not found in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/ProcessWire/site/templates-admin/init.php on line 11 with few other files but i manage the issue by replacing the <?php to <?php namespace ProcessWire; in every file, i want to know does its necessary to change and if not how to fix that without manually changing all files. second now i am getting error which i could't solve admin load properly but when i goto pages i could't see any page and after changing $config->debug = true; in config.php file i got this error Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/ProcessWire/site/templates-admin/AdminThemeModestaHelpers.php on line 73 when i see bellow is code return $this->wire('adminTheme')->modestaSitename; and same error is in few other lines too. how to fix the issues and make theme working with PW 3 Thanks
  11. Hello, i saw blog post about new image option and wondering when this option is coming live to check and work with ? https://processwire.com/blog/posts/a-preview-of-coming-attractions-to-processwires-image-tools/ also how can i download PW ProcessWire 3.0 alpha-4 to check ? Thanks
  12. Hello Processwire-Community, i just wanted to greet you because i think its a better way to introduce myself. I didnt found a better Thread to do this, so i think im not wrong to post this here. If i missed the specific Thread, then dont mind moving my ass there. First of all, im German. Im 19 years old, very young and i have no idea how i found processwire. Maybe its because other CMS-Systems seems a little bit too packed for creating my stuff. If i wanna program something, i want to know why i writed this and where my mistakes are. Only then i can improve in this matter. So, with this in mind, i picked Pw, because most user say it gives a wide freedom to do stuff you wanna do. I already started with my project, but there re some questions rolling in my head, so i wanna ask them here. If you have knowledge about it, i would appreciate it if you could give me an answer. If not, post some random bbcode-spam under this thread and think of something joyful . 1. Processwire gives the option to create pages and so on. Its useful, yes, but what if i wanna display only the content of a .php-file over the URL and place it in my template? So that i dont need to write my whole template for every .php-file that i include? 2. And while we are at it: how does the parent- and child-system work with the URL? If i, say, make an "foreach" for every link i have posted in a database-table called "navigation_links" and now get the ROOT-path + this link, how can i tell processwire to accept it? If use use it like this: and try to use it, it says to me "404 not found", but i just navigate it to the .php file i have created in my folder. 3. @ryan: i have read your post about the login-example here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/107-custom-login/ . if i wanna use this as an external .php-file, it works. But i wanna use it as an component on my site. For this, there is a little problem: First of all, if i click on the Login-button, it does nothing. The Page stays where it is and doesnt redirect me to a page called "login_successful.php". Second, if i watch in the database the session_throttle, it lets me stay in the attempts and the date. So the Informations didnt get transmitted. Here is the Code, i would appreciate it if you could give me help with this. Maybe im missing something. Please remember im just testing the functions. I will change it until i have my results.: /templates/login.php (Makes decisions if a User is LoggedIn or not and includes the file i need) <?php if($user->isLoggedin()) { include("loggedin_form.php"); } else { include("login_form.php"); } ?> /templates/login_form.php (Gives a Form to write username and password and transmit it) <!-- This Form gives an login-form to login or register to the site--> <?php if($input->post->user && $input->post->pass) { $user = $sanitizer->username($input->post->user); $pass = $input->post->pass; if($session->login($user, $pass)) { $session->redirect("login_successful.php"); } else { $session->redirect("login_unsuccessful.php"); } } ?> <div id="login_form"> <?php if($input->post->user) echo "<h2 class='error'>Login failed</h2>"; ?> <form action='./' method='post'></form> <input type='text' value="Username" name='user' /> <input type='password' value="password" name='pass' /> <input type='submit' name='submit' value='Login' /></p> </div> Register will follow later, i will use another table for that. 4. If i wanna use an function-library, which folder-structure is identical to my components-folder and wanna limit every component i have in it to the "function" folder and dont allow other functions to work unless i say it in an "func_global.php", how can i do that? Over URL? Or do i need to make an attempt for everytime i call my component to search in the function-folder for a folder with the same name as the folder my .php file is placed in? This seems a little bit too much coding, so if someone has a better idea, please dont mind posting it here. I would appreciate it. This seems enough for the start. Sorry for my bad english, i still need to learn stuff. But its better to ask than never know it. With Greetings, JamesHemmingworth
  13. I think this is a valid question, anybody who worked with software for sometime knows the importance of the viability of a software. Case in point Java superseded C in popularity, Dbase/Foxtpro/Clipper are no more, and not too long ago Gumby ended its journey. Some like Pygame still exist but no longer actively developed. What do you think, how Processwire will fare in longterm? By the way how many people are committed in developing Processwire?
  14. Hi, I'm working on a simple Ionic app which is going to use ProcessWire as the backend. This app allows people to upload images and then like/comment on them. It's a lot like a stripped down imgur app. I've set up some basic services such as register, login & reset password. There are a couple of things I am doubtful about. 1. How do I get user's unique session Id once he's successfully authenticated through AngularJS's http post request? I'm currently using following code: $sessions = $session->getAll(); $session_id = $session->_user["fingerprint"]; But I'm not sure if that's the right way to do it. I'm not even sure if that's the session id. I know there's something called SessionCSRF["name"], I tried that. I'm sending session_id as response to http post request. Then I'm using that session id to check if user is authenticated for his/her further actions such as commenting/liking/posting etc. 2. Now that I've got the session id, how do I identify the user based on the given session id? or should I send user ID back to PW everytime user is performing any action? Is it possible to identify user just based on the session fingerprint that I'm giving back to the app? Among other things I'm considering are keeping a device id on the server for each user, so as to gain better control over user's sessions. I can log out all the devices linked at once etc. I'd really love to hear from you guys how you'd plan to do this app. I'm experienced with PW but not very much with AngularJS. Thank you.
  15. Hi, i am new to Processwire. I want to make an user interface using Processwire. So, please let me know, if it is possible! Requirements are like this : - 1. Login System according to the user type i.e for different user, there should be a different login system. 2. According to the user type, their view page should be different 3. Importing and exporting the excel file(xls, xlsm, xlsx) 4. Editing the excel file on the user interface (I have seen on the forum, Kongondo has integrate the handsontable with the processwire, so please let me know how he did that). The 3rd and 4th requirement are important. Thanks and Regards Lokender Singh Shekhawat
  16. Hi folks, I have been using PW for a while; and on every build it seems to perform really well and always have the ability to do what I need. Thanks everyone! I have a site coming up that I want to be involved in but it has some features that I feel PW won't be able to handle... Here's the list... Time banking system, interactive map, complex search criteria, calendar/events, login/registration states with payment (subscription?) and profile, front end profile views, internal messaging systems with approval levels and news Most of these I know I can handle, but the ones I am unsure of are time banking system, login/registration states with payment (subscription) and profile, front end profile views and internal messaging systems with approval levels. Has anyone ever had any experience with the above? Do you think any of this is possible on PW? I know I am asking a lot of questions but any help would be appreciated. I think most things are self-explanatory but the time-banking system, I'm assuming at this stage, is essentially a bit of a messaging platform where you post requests, record hours and have a statement of those hours. The best example I could find seems to be from the 90s, but to be fair it seems robust (http://hourworld.org/_TimeAndTalents.htm) Any help or advice would be really appreciated. Cheers, R
  17. I rebuilt my brothers website from it's WordPress theme/plugin into a ProcessWire designed theme. Mostly because it was build poorly, half the things didn't work and it kept getting attacked through 3rd party plugins, and not knowing much about WordPress other that omg I hate it - decided to look else where! Turned out nice I thought, easily modifiable pages/projects with tagging showcase etc, and using FormBuilder with bootstrap theme for contact form, also ProCache. Will look to try use ProcessWire for further projects, very nice to use as a dev. Cheers John
  18. Hi all, today I stumbled upon yeoman and went searching for a PW generator. Larry Botha mentioned in a side not in his thread about MVC template approach that he has put a yeoman generator for PW together. I test installed it and it is working great. Pretty fascinating how quick we can setup a PW project with yeoman. This definitely can be a great timesaver. Larry's generator sets up a pretty opinionated PW install with his MVC structured fixate template and KSS etc. It would be great if we could have an unopinionated version that gives us a clean PW install. We could add options to the generator for installing a choice of boilerplate templates like the blank template, Foundation, Bootstrap, Blog etc. Just wanted to get your opinion on this. If any of you are interested, we could pull something together. Cheers Gerhard
  19. Is it possible to use a wordpress template or any template for processwire? I'm sorry. I'm a complete beginner to this codes. But I'm willing to learn. P.S. I'd like to use this template templatemo_372_titanium.zip
  20. Hi guys, having a bit of a strange issue here - I've installed at least a dozen copies of process wire for various websites firstly on my localhost using MAMP and later transferring it to a server. I'm trying to install a fresh copy to my localhost, I go through the install process and get the success message as usual (see screenshot) but whenever I try to access /admin/ - it cannot be found. Any ideas?
  21. Hello all, Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. Recently I shifted all my projects to Amazon's web service running a default ubuntu installation. We got almost everything working, some Drupal installations & Laravel etc. Even Processwire got installed correctly but it's just showing home page and nothing else. For example, I've a task management system that I use for personal projects management. It was working fine on my old hosting but on AWS, it's not showing me any pages except for static home page. If I try to access any virtual page or even the admin panel, it just shows me blank page with default HTML. I tried re-installing & fresh installations as well but it's still not working. Is there any specific change I need to make in HTACCESS? Thanks for your help.
  22. Just stumbled across this but look how similar the oxford dictionaries logo is to processwire's logo! Bizarre!
  23. is it somehow possible to get PW running without SQL - maybe as a file based CMS, saving everything in a single(?) xml or multiple txt files? i know, there are a lot of downsides using files, but for some small projects it would be a great alternative!
  24. I have created my static html front page for my website. a pretty basic one. How do I use it on PW? Do I delete files from site/templates directory? and replace it with the html/css files of my basic website? Tried to delete fields and pages in admin which comes with the default installation of PW. But I cant delete them, it says template/field cannot be deleted. Anyway, I really need to know the steps to use my own static html? Thanks for the help
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