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  1. Hi all I need to export all the texts from a website to a translation company (as json or csv or txt...). How can this be done? Of course manually, but this website is huge and it would take me years... Also, as a second step, importing the translation ... Any ideas anyone? Tutorials? Plugins? Thanks for your help.
  2. Hello Everyone, I was trying to update SEO meta title, description and meta keywords for my website in Process Wire CMS but it saving in the backend but it is not reflecting on my website, Please help me regarding this error. Please find below attached screen shot for your ref. TIA.
  3. Hi, I would like to start tracking my website visitors with Leady software. Searched the forum for similar discussion yet did not find the right answer. Could you please tell me how can I add their javascript to my website? Is there any step by step guide available? Any help appreciated.
  4. Hey there, i have a big Problem. I migrate Processwire with a Plugin from my local Mama Server to a 1&1 web server. After few Problems with Internal Error (.htaccess), the site looks greta and its work. But my Admin Panel are not working correctly. Before I installed the AdminThemeUIKit but now I can't install ist anymore and I can't refresh my modules. Nothing happens after a mouse click on it. If I am going to the pages, I can't see anything. There isn't a Site Tree or anything else. I can not change anything there. Please help me, it is a huge Problem for me... The admin looks like the very beginning of Processwire !!!
  5. Hi does anybody know of any editor that supports our great PW? Paid or free is fine.
  6. I recently needed a module that automatically fills the title field of a page using fields on that page. I couldn't see one that already existed so I made my own. This is mostly based on ProcessSetupPageName by @kixe which I use along with this module. Keep in mind I am very new to ProcessWire so perhaps somebody else can contribute or make a better one Note: The title is automatically hidden when using this module You can enter any string. To add a fieldname, subfield or property, you surround the fieldname with {}. Dot syntax allowed. Example: Fish: {parent.title} {myfield} https://github.com/nextgensparx/AutoPageTitles
  7. Hi! I'm relatively new to the world of Processwire, but so far I'm really impressed by this CMS and its ease, power and speed. I've been looking at the different field types and also existing CKEditor modules (pwimage and pwlink). Here's what i want to achieve: I would like to use or create a own module which allows my admin users to upload pdf files inline in a CKEditor field (page content) the same way images are handled. It should be possible to upload a pdf file and specify its name and from the file uploaded and name i want to show an icon or image inline in editor and the output for that upload should be customized based on the module. Lets make it simple and say that i upload datasheet-1.pdf and want it to be named "My product datasheet", i want the output to be: <a href="{ link to uploaded pdf file }">My product datasheet</a> Also the uploaded pdf files should be related to the page the user is editing. Is this doable? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. PS. I'm a PHP programmer so i know it would require some custom code, but the real question is where do i start, what should it take and is it even possible to do?
  8. Hi, I just made this module because I needed it. GitHub: https://github.com/blynx/AdoptDefaultsFromParents Module Directory: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/adopt-defaults-from-parents/ What it does: It fills fields of newly added pages with corresponding field-values of their parents. Configurable by setting "giving templates" and "adopting fields". Configuration: You have to set templates which are able to give field values and fields which are able to receive values. Then, this module automatically applies field values to every newly added page from their parents according to those settings. Also you can switch between immediate or closest parent (@LostKobrakai, thanks for the hint!) Why: I am building a little webshop with padloper and made some product categories ("parent page") which have some properties which should be automatically descendable to their children. Yet, the children should be able to have individual values if they want to. Now: So far it works for me - but please test it out and if you think improvements can be made, tell me about it. Also, what do you think about the general idea? Notes: So far I haven't tested it with more complex fields, yet. So far tested and working: Integer Text Page Similar fields should work. The module simply copies the field value. cheers! UPDATES v003 - 10.5.2016 Added option to switch between immediate or closest parent
  9. Hi gang, I've finished up a site for a local newspaper. Right now I'm looking at the ScheduledPages plugin whereas, of course, I can schedule pages to publish on certain dates and times. I was wondering if there is a variation of this module that allows one to schedule when pages are published in addition to posting the page link to my clients FaceBook business page wall? So, in simple terms a news article can be scheduled to publish at a given date/time and then when it fires off also post a link to that article/page to my clients FaceBook business page wall. thanks!
  10. Hello guys, I want to write my first module and I read a lot about fieldtypes and inputfields. I really don't get the difference between the two. I hope someone can explain it to me! Maybe it is easier to tell what I want to do and you could tell me what roles fieldtypes and inputfields have with this module I want to create. I want to create a field that consists of multiple fields (text, textarea). It should be a field that wraps some other fields, so I don't have to install 10 different fields every time. How would I achieve this in regards of fieldtypes and inputfields (and data storage)? Thanks!
  11. I've created a field in the contact page (id:1032) so I can write different success messages according to the language. I'm trying this for the success message in the Form Template Processor module, but without any success: 90. // message output upon successful completion of the form 91. $this->set('successMessage', '<h2>' echo $pages->get(1032)->message_sent '</h2>'); it gives me this error: Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected 'echo' (T_ECHO) (line 91 of /home/islak/public_html/site/modules/FormTemplateProcessor/FormTemplateProcessor.module) What am I doing wrong? Thanks guys...
  12. Hi Guys, I am going to add capability to a USA version of a site to redirect or display a message to users visiting the website from UK or Ireland notifying them of an international website at .co.uk Any suggestions, module recommendations, plugins etc. ? Figured I would ask before I started working on this solution. Thanks!
  13. A temporary fix in response to this request ProcessCommentsManagerEnhanced This is a slightly enhanced version of the current core ProcessCommentsManager. I've tested it in the current dev version of PW and it works fine. I cannot provide any guarantees nor support the module though ....it is a working-nicely-proof-of-concept. Download GitHub Install Just like any other ProcessWire module. It requires FieldtypeComments to be installed. You do not need to install ProcessCommentsManager. Demo Screen
  14. I am trying to add "layout manager" plugin to a CKEditor. Field is named as "Extra_plugin". I have uploaded the unzipped files in plugin folder of CKEditor inside site folder, enabled check box, added the name in toolbar. But on the Processwire page I am getting only the title of the field.There was one 404 error at "/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldCKEditor/ckeditor-4.4.6/plugins/basewidget/plugin.js?t=2015030801.143". So I checked "wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldCKEditor/plugins" there was only three folders named "pwlink, pwimage, sourcedialog". Then I uploaded layout manager as well as dependencies here also. Now there is no error. But still the field is blank. Also in firebug, style appears as visibility hidden on textarea. Please help me. Regards Rajesh Khanna
  15. I tried to implement the fontawesome plugin with the help of this mini-tutorial. The problem is when go to the "Plugins" section and check the box for the "fontawesome" plugin, then I still get an white body field. What I am doing wrong?
  16. Hi everyone!!! I have catalog of some products and I'm wanting create modul, which will be show slider of recommended products. And I'm wanting to show this modal in every page of products. I don't know, how I can choose products which I will demonstrate on the page. Who can recommend some model or solution for this situation? Thanks!!!
  17. WireMailBranding Add email templates to wireMail From this: $mail->bodyHTML("<h1>Hello</h1><p>I'm WireMailBranding</p>"); To this: (or whatever template you create) How it works? Create an email template without content. On the spot where you wish to have your content place the tag {bodyHTML}.The markup you've set with $mail->bodyHTML('<p>Markup</p>'); will replace that tag. You could set the defaults in the Module configuration or set the properties with the API. (See below) The API will overwrite the default settings $mail = wireMail(); $mail->to('user@some-domain.ext')->from('you@own-domain.ext'); $mail->subject('Mail Subject'); // Set path to template (overwrites default settings) $mail->template('/site/templates/template_wrapper.php'); // Enable/Overwrite the Emogrifier CSS inliner. (0, bodyHTML, wrapper) $mail->inlineCSS('bodyHTML'); $mail->bodyHTML('<p>This paragraph will replace the {bodyHTML} tag in the mail template.</p>'); $mail->send(); CSS inliner We have added the beautiful css inliner Emogrifier to inline the CSS styles. When using the Emogrifier CSS inliner applying it on the bodyHTML only is the most efficient way. We recommend you to write the inline styles for the wrapper manually. The module is sponsored by Calago.nl. Thanks guys ! Updates 0.1.2 Bug fixes : - Fixed redeclare Emogrifier bug. Improvement - Added error logging for Emogrifier - Added inputfield error for the lack of PHP's mbstring in the module configuration. - Some code cleaning and other cosmetics 0.1.3 Bug fixes : - Fixed bug when module couldn't grab bodyHTML (resulted in doing nothing at all). GitHub https://github.com/Da-Fecto/WireMailBranding Modules directory http://modules.processwire.com/modules/wire-mail-branding/
  18. Visual Page Selector Released 31 March 2016 https://processwireshop.pw/plugins/visual-page-selector/ As of 04 January 2018 ProcessWire versions earlier than 3.x are not supported ******************************************************* ORIGINAL POST ******************************************************* Introducing VPS, a commercial visual page field selector. This is a pre-sale closed-beta version. This post is WIP and will be updated now and then. ############################ Many ProcessWire users use the 'one image per page' principle to manage and reuse images across their sites. This works fine. However, for site editors who mainly work with images, especially for larger sites, it is sometimes difficult to remember the pages where particular images reside. This module helps to solve this challenge. Harnessing the awesomeness that is ProcessWire, VPS provides a rich editing experience, enabling editors to search for, view, select, add, remove and delete page-images easily, in an easy to use and friendly interface. ProcessWire Lister is the workhorse behind the lightning-fast searches. Editors will be able to search for images by their descriptions, names, partial names, page names, templates, etc. Current Features Single-image mode Full search Batch add/Remove/Delete Image/Delete Page in page fields Image Browser Selectable pages as per page field settings + Lister filters Grid and List View Draggable sorting Responsive (almost fully ..iframes!) Planned Features Multi-image mode (there are times you want to group similar images in multi-image field in one page; e.g. the back, front and side of a car photo) Configurable CSS on the fly resizing vs real image resizing (image resizing can quickly hog memory) Other as per feedback from beta testing FAQs When will this be available? Soon. How much will it cost? Reasonably priced. Announcement soon. Where will I be able to buy this from? At all fine stores that stock quality ProcessWire products Do we really need another page field/inputfield select? See links below. What type of licenses will be available? Soon to be announced. Can I beta test this? Thanks for the interest but all available slots have been taken. Video (excuse the video quality please - too many takes....) Screens Previous Discussions https://processwire.com/talk/topic/10927-wishlist-select-pages-by-thumbnail/ https://processwire.com/talk/topic/4330-get-image-from-other-pages-via-images-field/ https://processwire.com/talk/topic/417-extending-image-field/?p=6982 https://processwire.com/talk/topic/7073-profield-table-and-gallery/ https://processwire.com/talk/topic/3200-image-management-concerns-is-processwire-suitable-for-me/ https://processwire.com/talk/topic/425-file-manager/ https://processwire.com/talk/topic/10763-asset-manager-asset-selector/
  19. hello world sometimes it would very helpful if there would be a «cross asset selector». my idea is to upload the images/pdfs etc. just once in a manager (similar to soma's images manager) and then to be able to select the assets via regular image field (or a new one). clients wouldn't have to upload the images more than once (and crop, resize etc.) and it would save a lot of disk space. any feedback about the idea? thanks
  20. Hello EveryPWdy! You look awesome today =) - my questions regarding Processwire Modules in blue! - Its my first post here and I would like to tell you guys; This is one of the best things i saw since I learned my little knowledge in PHP development! but i guess ill learn no more now with the power and simplicity of ProcessWire, the most advanced and simple CMS/-UFJJSWOHD or whatever each one of us call it My name is Socrates, I'm from Jordan. I'm now trying to Build cool Web and Mobile Applications using Process Wire.. I'm considering to Buy Modules from (PW) ProcessWire Store! Today I went to the bank, Just to fund my VISA and buy some modules here, but still don't know which one... Here is BLUE Can I Buy one or two modules, and try also the others on my local host as DEMO? Any Discount or Coupon for me if I buy 2 items or more? Today I've downloaded Many Awesome FREE PHP Scripts & Modules from ProcessWire FREE store. I Also Like those Advanced CMS Modules created by Ryan and ProcessWire Team as Web and Mobile applications when Converted into a very nice Native Web View with a Wonderful Responsive Template/Theme Built with the Best Web/Mob CMS called Processwire <- Looks better than "PW" in the eye of strangers ProcessWire Modules are a MUST BUY in my opinion, Unless you are a PHP guru developer with magic touches while Building PHP Modules on Process Wire. I want to buy some modules from Process Wire Store, but I'm still confused with which one to start. Each of ProcessWire Modules/Plugins written in PHP for newbies & beginners are getting my attention, and whats getting my attention more is Each Feature on each Best of the Best Process Wire CMS. Thank you Ryan! - (Founder of one of the Best CMS / Frameworks -> (Process Wire). "PW" -> ProcessWire -> a VS. Winner SEO Tool - Where everything is done automatically when looking on each page in details, after having some automatic CMS work with Processwire admin Dashboard. Processwire converts complicate into simplicity!
  21. Hi, In gereral, are jquery plugins compatible with PW? Thanks
  22. So here i'm starting. This is more a little snippet than a whole module. On frontend before the </body> tag the script from http://browser-update.org/ is working - nothing fancy here. Download Github: https://github.com/mr-fan/MarkupBrowserUpdate my todo for this is: make it a clean module make use of the settings from browser-update.org so you could define these in PW backend get the backling for PW best regards mr-fan
  23. I'm wondering is it possible to have a custom page within the admin area? For example i have a table in my database that's very specific in it's structure, so doesn't fit with Processwire's db structure. I'd like to create a module that adds another area to the admin backend, that an admin can then click on (similar to the pages, modules, setup tabs) and then shows them a custom area for editing X or whatever. Any help would be great. Thanks
  24. Hi, I have the Form Builder Plugin installed. For simple Forms its pretty easy and comfortable, for complex Types I dont know how to handle dynamic Inputs. Ive made a Webpage with a lot of Subsites for example Services. These Services I want to List as Select Inputs in Form Builder. Is this possible? I can build a solution on my own. But i purchased this Plugin to save a lot of time and I hope anybody knows how to configure, without changing the code base of FB. Greetings from Nuremberg, Germany.
  25. Hi everyone. I'm newbie to ProcessWire. I need to export particular page's data (including custom fields and children pages) as XML. What is the best approach for that using ProcessWire API? Do I need to write a module for that? Ideally (for simplicity) I'd like to create just one file which could include everything necessary to call ProcessWire API to fetch data and create XML. Then I can call something like http://mywebsite.com/import.php to import data...
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