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  1. Hello everyone! I'm about to start a project, but before I do, I'd like to ask you about a particular problem I might face later on. I mean, building the site would be a breeze using processwire, for sure. So I'm putting it off for a bit to learn more about managing user accounts. We're expecting to have thousands of users, all generated by an admin. No user signups. Every account would have to be generated with usernames and passwords. When the users log in, they'll be able to see a couple of pages that only users could see. Although, each user would have a single category or group that determines what pages they can see. It's pretty standard, except for the part that I think it would be such a chore to manage all those accounts. So I'm looking for suggestions on how to manage users, probably generate them from a list or a csv or something, and automate categories and permissions. I'm willing to create a module for this, if the need says so. But if there's an easier way you guys can think of, all help is appreciated. Meanwhile, I'll be lurking around the forums as usual to look for brilliant ideas from previous post! Thanks! And if I may say so, I love how processwire seems to be on fire the past weeks! Alex
  2. Hi, I'd like to create a permission that allows users of a certain role to create users of another role -- in this case, the business owners ('editor' role) to create users with a 'vendor' role. What's the best way to achieve this, without making them a superuser? Too complicated, easy? Thanks! -evan
  3. Hey, currently there are like 9 default permissions. But some of them include different points, so it's hard to define really custom roles. It would be lovely to split the points in some more permission possibilities by default. Maybe just have a look into the Wordpress (sorry for mention it) permission variety for inspiration : manage_network manage_sites manage_network_users manage_network_themes manage_network_options activate_plugins delete_others_pages delete_others_posts delete_pages delete_plugins delete_posts delete_private_pages delete_private_posts delete_published_pages delete_published_posts edit_dashboard edit_files edit_others_pages edit_others_posts edit_pages edit_posts edit_private_pages edit_private_posts edit_published_pages edit_published_posts edit_theme_options export import list_users manage_categories manage_links manage_options moderate_comments promote_users publish_pages publish_posts read_private_pages read_private_posts read remove_users switch_themes unfiltered_upload upload_files Greets, Nico
  4. I'm confused by how PW handles user permissions. I have created a user role of editor with the following permissions: edit, view and update profile. This is an events website where the editor should be able to add and edit events and cities, but not other pages such as categories that are set once and for all. This is my page tree for the editor: There are a few problems here: The editor should not be able to create new categories ("categorías") The editor should not be able to create other pages at the top level, i.e. there should be no "new" next to "Inicio" The "edit" and "view" permissions are all fine. For example, they should only be able to view the categories, and it works as expected. But it's the page creation permissions that I do not understand. This is the access tab in my "categories" template: In this setup, the editor should not be able to create pages, but it seems to apply only to the children of that template. If I undertand correctly, the page permissions are inherited from the home template, and for the editor to be able to create new events and add cities, I had to tick all the checkboxes (view, edit, create and add children) in the home template for the editor: What am I doing wrong here? Or is this kind of fine-grained control not possible currently with PW?
  5. hello forum, i'm an absolute newbie to pw who has worked (and still works) with textpattern and contao. i have a firm grasp of html, css and some of jquery but very little of php (not to say nothing at all 8) ). i came across processwire and it looks very, very promising to me. i installed locally on xammp. however, immediately i'm having my first questions. pleas apologize, if this are silly questions from a pro's point of view: - on finishing the installation i got the following message: but how do i do that? does that refer to the permissions my ftp user has? and what would be the right permission (0000)? - within /site/config.php i found the following comment: does that mean, all directories processwire will creates will have assigned 0777 permissions? this doesn't matter to me on localhost, but live, in a shared hosting environment, this seems to be a high risk. if so, is that really necessary or can it be overcome somehow? thanks for answering and for your time! totoff
  6. Hi! As I delve deeper and deeper into PW, I am wondering about deleting/adding permissions. It is possible but... does it do anything? What will happen if I delete, say, the 'page-edit' permission? It is not possible to edit pages anymore? Can I add it back, using the same name for it to work again? Thanks!
  7. Hi all, Does anyone know of a way to create a Role that can be given access to the Trash? In normal circumstances, I agree with Ryan's decision to allow it only to Superusers, however I'm using PW as a the admin for a contest app on Facebook, and I need the company we have handling moderation of the submissions to be able to access the Trash. Any ideas welcome! Thanks.
  8. Suggestion: Processwire should explicitly require the developer to create site/assets/{cache,logs,files,sessions} and set appropriate write permissions for the web server to those directories. Or raise an error when unable to write to them. Because I've had problems with session data not being saved and no error shown or logs written.
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